What If… Baahubali Was Made With A Hollywood Cast?!

BAAHUBALI is taking over our lives! The day a poster is set to release, AM and PM do not exist anymore… An average Chai Bisketeer’s day is measured as Before Baahubali Poster and After Baahubali Poster.
The film is comparable to a Hollywood venture, what with the massive sets, the world-class CGI, and the pure talent of Rajamouli(yes, he deserves to go international)…
So International we made it. Here is how Jakkanna’s epic would look with Hollywood superstars!


1. Dwayne Johnson(The Rock!) as Bhallala Deva: Cuz he has the body and the ruggedness to carry it off. And also cuz he’s badass as *beep*.


2. Chris Hemsworth as Shivudu: This guy who plays Thor is a great surfer, and clearly has the washboard abs to play the young Shivudu, Mover of Heaven and Earth.
10 (1)


3. Meryl Streep as Sivagami: Who else could play a character that exudes such rajasam and confidence?? The Devil can wear Prada, but she can radiate exuberance in a kanchipattu too!
4. Lena Headey as Devasena: Yes, she’s the erstwhile queen Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. But her role as Queen Gorgo of Sparta in the epic war flick 300 is what won her this place!


5. Emilia Clarke as Avantika: Imagine the Khaleesi as the Angelic Avenger! Don’t be betrayed by her good looks. She is someone who has a deep quest for revenge in her heart.
6. Ben Kingsley as Bijjala Deva: Evil characters require Evil actors. And Ben Kingsley is evilness personified. 
7. Jason Mamoa as Kalakeya: Such perfection. We’re proud of our own work here! Playing the part of a beastly tribal warlord would come naturally to Jason.
8. Ian McKellen as Kattappa: We don’t know if Baahubali has magic and wizardry, but Gandalf, who drove the Middle Earth’s army to victory in Lord of the Rings, seems fit to play the part of a brave military commander.
9. Liam Neeson as Aslam Khan: Remember the badass Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins? Yep, the leader of the League of Shadows is just on target to play the Persian king in Baahubali! 


And to conclude the list, Chris Hemsworth(again!) as King Baahubali: It just can’t get better than this. Thor would definitely feel blessed(by Odin) to star as the One True King in Jakkanna’s masterpiece!

Go on, let us know in the comments which casting is your favorite!


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