Baahubali Team Released Dialogues From “The Conclusion” And They Are Set To Make Us Relive The Epic Once Again!


100 Days since the euphoria began. 100 Days for the magnum-opus and 100 days of “Baahubali: The Conclusion“. Today (8/4/2017) marks 100 glorious days for the pride of TFI and on this occasion, the Baahubali team has released few of the epic dialogues from the movie. The ‘forgotten’ concept of releasing dialogues of the movie (audio) takes us on a nostalgic ride back to our good old childhood days where we used to have cassettes that came with dialogues exclusively. Here, we have gathered 10 best dialogues from ‘The Conclusion’ you must listen to relive the epic again.

1. Rajamatha Sivagami Devi:



2. Thappu Chesav Devasena:



3. Nannu Champe Magaadu:



4. Manava Sankalpaniki:


5.Mana Chethule:

6. Mahishmathi Ki Kaboye:

7. Kaalam Prathi Pirikiwadiki:

8. Ee Kshanam Ninchi Dialogue:

9. Bhallaladeva Pattabhishekam:

10. Ooru Wada:


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