You Must Read This Analysis Of Characters From ‘Awe’ If You Have Seen The Movie!


Contributed by Jahnavi SVLS

Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched the movie, please don’t read this, as this article contains spoilers!

It’s said to be the first ever genre blending movie in TFI, And yes it is.

It’s all in names of the characters.


1. Kajal Agarwal as Kaali


Kaali maata means the aadi parasakti. She is personified as raging fire. According to our puranaas the whole universe is born from her. All the gods and goddesses are her progeny. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma are various forms of Kaali. She is the creator, she is the destructor.

In this movie all the characters are various forms of kaali potrayed by Kajal.


2. Sreeni Avasaraala as Shiva and Parvati later

SHIVA is called as ardhanaarisvara, a composite form of Shiva and Parvati depicted as half male and half female, split down the middle.

In this movie, sreeni avasarala is depicted as a blend of masculinity until some age and feminity later.


3. Eesha Rebba and Nitya menon as Raadha Krishna

Raadha is said to be the epitome of love. She is the true love of Krishna. She is nowhere but within himself. He is nowhere but within herself. She is the soul or aatma of Krishna and vice-a- versa. I reckon, from there came the concept of soulmate. Looking inwards is what we can understand from their love.


In this movie, looking inwards and self introspection makes Eesha realise her attraction towards her inner self which she finds in an other form of herself, which is none other than Nitya or Krishna.


4. Regina Casandra as Meera

Meera is a a devotee of lord Krishna. In other words she was addicted to the lord and literally nothing could separate her from him. She is an epitome of self less devotion.

But in this case, Regina is shown as a drug addict. It can be perceived as personification of negative stuff attracting negative energy. While in the case of Meera Bai, her devotion towards the lord which is utterly positive attracts positive energy which is the lord himself.


5. Murali Sharma as a self centered magician

He is truly devoted to his job but filled with agony and rage. He never loses a chance to prove himself as superior to the others.

Just like Vishnu calms brigu maharshi by pressing his eye in the feet, God proves that to the magician by performing tricks that are unfathomable and kills the man’s pride by showing his superiority.


6. Priyadarshi as Nala

Nala is said to be an incredible cook. His story is told in Mahabharat. His main weakness is gambling.

Here, Priyadarshi is disguised as a chef whose main aim is to earn some money and make a living. So, money is his weakness and he does anything for that. But, at one point he comes out of that false illusion. His character too gives a thought provoking message like everyone else in the movie.


7. Fish and the Tree


Nani and Chanti are ensembles of nature that we the mankind is harming in every possible way to achieve our so called desires.


AWE is a movie for the one within you

You are not the person you are

But an infinite spectra

An infinite spectra of thoughts

An infinite spectra of emotions

An infinite spectra of actions

Life, and infinity in itself



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