10 Unconventional Things That Women Find To Be Attractive In Men!


Appudu appudu abbailu kuda konni stereotypes ki bali avthaaru. Strong ga undaali.. edvakudadhu.. etc etc antu.. Emotions chupinchakunda ‘strong’ ga undaali ante vaalu mathram manushulu kaara? Kaani oka misconception enti ante girls ki ilantive nachutaayi. But women like to see the sensitive side in men as well. Decisions vaale theeskokunda manalni kuda adigithe.. we feel like they are really into this relationship and want to make it work. So some of these things which men don’t know but women find attractive in them are:


1. Cooking!
The way to woman’s heart is through her stomach ani kuda anachu. Ammayile vanta gadhi lo undaali anakunda vaallu kuda help chesthe iddharu cook chesthunte aa feel eh veeru.



2. Crying
Showing a sensitive side is always attractive. It shows that they are no different from us.



3.Romantic movies
Mana tho kurchoni romantic movies chusthu aa feels loki vellipovadam and enjoy cheyyadam is really adorable.



4. Taking time and getting ready
Konchem decent ga ready aithe it shows us that they are taking time and effort for the relationship.



5. Good with kids
Vaalu chinnapillala madhayalo chinnapillalu aipothe it shows their innocent and childlike side!



6. Try face packs with us
Who does this ani ankokunda, doing things like these also make us happy. Being with us and acting like us.. we love it.


7. Cleanliness
Mari over ga kaakpoina basic neatness maintain chesthe manaki inkem kaavali.



8. Showing his fears
Abbayilu strong ga undaali.. dheniki bhayapadakuudadhu ante vaalu manushulu kaadha? Sometimes there are things that scare them more than us, vaalani chinna things ki bhayapadthu unte we can have a good laugh and vaalalo vere side kuda chusinattu untadhi.



9. Have good taste in fashion
Appudu ammayile fashion gurinchi abbayilaki salahalu ivvadam is outdated, vaalaki recent trends gurinchi updated undakpoina sometimes they can choose better outfits.



10. Okay with talking about his feelings
Expressing their feelings shows us a vulnerable side in them. Mana relationship ekkadiki velthundhi ane clarity iddhariki untadhi. Sometimes you need to talk your heart out about relationships. Appude both sides can have a ‘clear’ relationship.


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