Not Rangasthalam Or Raazi. This Assamese Film Is India’s Entry To Oscars 2019


It is that time of the year. India’s entry to ‘The Oscars 2019’ has been announced officially.

Every year a panel of members sit together and watch all the great movies made in our country this year and decide which one to send that represents our country at Oscars.

So this year, it is a small Assamese film ‘Village Rockstars‘ that is India’s entry at Oscars 2019.

Village Rockstars is a coming-of-age regional film written, edited, co-produced, and directed by Rima Das. The film premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Not just that, the film has also won several national and international awards.

What are the other films that were considered?

Although nobody has a confirmed list of films that were considered. So many websites have actually claimed that Rangasthalam and Mahanati have been ‘NOMINATED’ for Oscars 2019.

NO! None of the films are nominated yet. There’s a lot of time left for nominations. This is just an ‘entry’ from each country across the world. Out of all the countries, the Oscar committee selects only 5 five movies from 5 different movies under the category ‘Best Foreign Film’.

Other famous movies that were shortlisted (if reports are to be believed) are Rangasthalam, Raazi, Padmavat, Mahanati, October, Love Sonia, Kadwi Hawa, Manto, PadMan, Ajji, Gali Guleiyan.

Among all these, a small Assamese film was selected to ‘represent’ India.

Why particularly ‘Village Rockstars’ ?

Well, there are certain reasons that the film committee must of thought. But people outside are often asking this question, ‘Why Village Rockstars?’.

According to the rule, The film that is sent as an entry from a country should be released before ‘June’ (i.e. First half of the year).

Most of us don’t know but, ‘Village Rockstars’ isn’t a 2018 film in the first place. It’s a 2017 film. It was made and sent to various film festivals across the world. It took a year for the film to grab the attention of mainstream media, and now it got what it deserved.

Team ‘Village Rockstars’ has requested the Assam government 5Cr rupees to promote the film, and let it reach to more and more people in India.

We often crack 100’s of jokes about ‘Assam’ as a slang word as an indication for a ‘bad’ movie. But look at the irony (a good one), Out of all the states, An Assamese film got selected as an Indian entry.

Here’s a list of all the movies that India submitted as an entry to the Oscars in the last 10 years:

2008: Taare Zameem Par (Hindi)
2009: Harishchandrachi Factory (Marathi)
2010: Peepli Live (Hindi)
2011: Abu, Son Of Adam (Malayalam)
2012: Barfi (Hindi)
2013: The Good Road (Gujarthi)
2014: Liar’s Dice (Hindi)
2015: Court (Marathi)
2016: Visaranai (Tamil)
2017: Newton (Hindi)
2018: Village Rockstars (Assamese)

P.S: The only Telugu film that got submitted as an Indian entry to the Oscars officially is Swati Mutyam (స్వాతి ముత్యం) in 1986.

So as you can clearly see, this is the first time ever, that an Assamese film got submitted. Let’s spread the word and wish for it to make it to the ‘Top 5’ of ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ first, and then a win too, at Oscars 2019.


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