You Will Donate Your Eyes After Watching This Dance Video Of “Doktor-Daiver” Love Story!


The internet is a funny place to be. From photo memes to troll videos, ridiculous posts to informative articles, entertainment and knowledge we gain here is unlimited. But, on a brighter note, there’s also scope to prove your talent. We have found many such young aspirants who turned out to be gifted artists like Vidya Vox, Shirley Setia and etc. And then there’s Dinchak Pooja, Om Prakash Mishra and etc. who make us cringe and crawl for relief just with their onscreen presence. The new trend of Cringe Pop and cringe-worthy videos is increasing every day. “Arupula Star Alom Bhogra” is the perfect example for this, and now we have another character who will make you donate your eyes right away.


Here’s one such legendary candidate who is all set to take the internet by storm. Brace yourselves for Raj Kumar’s You Are A Daaktar



This man here is now the talk of the country, from popular meme pages dealing with him in their own style to, roast masters burning him like a tandoori grill the Indian internet as sure found it’s bunny for this month.


These are some of his mind-boggling and flabbergasting stuff he has made recently.



Also, know more about him here.




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