A Girl Child Is Brutally Raped. . But Why Religion Or Politics ? Where Is This Even Heading To ?


In the name of religion, her soul was raped and humanity was killed. Jammu Kashmir, the so called heaven on the Earth, witnessed a depressing incident where an 8 year girl child was raped and killed. “Rape” from the past few years this word has been heard so frequently that we’ve turned numb to violence. The care and concern we showed in the past and the way our thought process has changed today is a black spot for existence of Human race.

Rape Culture!
This time we are here to show how the thought process of humans has changed. Years back, an incident happened in center of country’s capital and we all united to bring justice to the victim. We are also successful in bringing some acts to ensure women safety. Though all these things happened, we still come across many such incidents every now and then. A few days back, a girl was raped by a so called ‘influential’ person, neither someone took action nor some protests were made. I am here to question who made him influential? Why was he not punished? Why was the victim’s father arrested and killed in police custody? Before getting deep into this discussion, we are also here to point out how few people’s mind set has changed. If I post the same question on social media, you will know how harsh people around us sound.

Planned Rape?
Coming to the recent heart breaking incident that took place in Kashmir, Asifa – a 8-year old Shepard girl was abducted, raped and murdered in Rassana village in Hiranagar tehsil of Kathua district in January. The body of the minor girl, was recovered from Rassana forest in Kathua on 17 January, a week after she went missing while grazing horses in the forest area. Seven people including a police officer and the caretaker of Devasthan were involved in it. It was not just a “rape”, but a “planned rape” as she was ‘chosen’ to inflict fear in a particular community. It’s not some sensual desperation that made the rapists molest her, it’s their pervert religious mindset that made them do so. Kidnapping her, and raping her for days in a temple and killing her, I wonder whether they are born from a mother …or rather call it a woman’s womb! Now this incident has turned into a dispute between two religions, two political parties, two thought processes and there’s no stopping to it. Shockingly, some people took it to the streets to SAVE the rapists and PROTESTED in favour to the ‘animals’. The police have arrested eight people in the case so far, but the Bar Association has opposed the action alleging “targeting of minority Dogras”. Some of the accused belong to Hindu Ekta Manch, a right wing group!

Culture Terrorism?
When asked for a reply, they answered that they did all this to create a fear in that Muslim tribe who are residing at Khatua. That is how they turned a rape into a communal conflict. That is how a rape now became a religious affair. That is how this issue has made many of our elected representatives, who once fought for women rights, keep calm. That is how a tricolor flag was bought to protest to protect rapists. The matter doesn’t end here. Many of us took social media platform to support justice for Asifa. Even few of celebrities doing the same. And that’s where we came across one such comment wherein one person replied to her statement for justice to Asifa, he stated “why won’t people respond when a Hindu girl was raped by Muslim man?”

God or Mother?
Is he fuc**ng insane? God, how can you be so cruel? Is this why you created us? To fight among ourselves and kill each other in the name of you? We don’t even know your existence, yet we fight for you. We even don’t know if you created us. All we know is we have come from a woman’s womb after 9 months of a mother’s struggle. May be she is our God. Instead of treating her on par with you, we are molesting them, killing them in the name of you, GOD. Are you doing this in a fear that she will somehow dominate your existence? Is her love excelling your belief? Are you jealous?

What can we do / What are we doing?
A Muslim girl was raped, a Hindu girl was raped, a Dalit girl was raped.. the society is no where in a stage to accept that a “girl” was raped. All thanks to you, dear invisible. The whole incident has happened in a temple which is said to be your residence and you did nothing to stop it. Today, people are more worried about girl being raped in a TEMPLE rather than the very fact that she has been RAPED. Sad to say, they are questioning us in return, whether it’ll be the same way if a girl was raped in a Mosque? Shame on us. We care more for a lifeless rock than a living soul. What are we talking about? Where is humanity heading to ? It’s a RAPE of a girl child and let’s talk about it rather than giving it a political or communal color!


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