Fair Or Unfair? Internet Is Divided Over Ashwin’s Mankading & Its Crazy


If you’ve watched yesterday’s KXIP vs RR match, you know about what Ashwin did. In case you don’t know, Here’s the video of him Mankading Jos Buttler:


First of all, What is Mankading?

Mankading’ is a method of run out where a bowler dismisses a non-striker by hitting the bails before bowling when the latter is outside the crease. Though this is a legally permissible dismissal, it is considered against the spirit of the game.

Now, Is it fair or unfair ? Is it ‘Gentleman’s game or not ?’

Well, even the ICC is asking the same questions, while someone needs to answer.


According to ‘The Laws Of Cricket’ by MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) re-coded in 2017, Law 41.16 states this:


So, Whatever has happened divided the internet into 2 teams, the ones who think that, what Ashwin did is fair, and the ones who think it is unfair, Here’s what people are thinking:













Here’s what Harsha Bhogle had to say:




If we look at Ashwin’s old tweets, back in 2016:






This is not the first time ‘Mankading’ has happened, here’s a video compilation of previous mankadings.


So, what do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments below.


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