These Soulful Songs From AR Rahman Will Definitely Leave An Eternal Impact In The Listeners’ Hearts!


Contributed by Lavanya Rohit

Music is natural antaru. Maybe like any other form of art. Music ki best source – nature. Ee kaalam lo, we have progressed a lot in the forms and types of music. Musicians are now very open to experimenting different forms, instruments, genres, etc. Indian Film music lo, we have seen many maestros leaving their footprints. The one thing I have always heard from many of my elders is, Ilayaraja Music. Maybe because I am a 90s kid emo, I did not connect to Ilayaraja garu as much as I did to this one particular man, whose music hit me like a wave and swept me off my feet. He is also called the Musical Storm. Very much like the storm, he is calm and composed as a person before his work and he lets his music do all the work.

Every 90s kid would relate to this if I say, nenu Chikku buku raile, Chaiyya Chaiyya, mukkabula ki dance vesanu. But, this man’s swagger doesn’t end there. Every once in a while, he also integrates a few tunes in his films or albums which leave an eternal impact in the listeners’ hearts. These tunes give you a message to look at the world and your life with a new perspective. Maybe how it really should be. The list is too big, but below listed are a few of the impactful songs. Oh! and yes this man is none other than Allah Rakha Rahman. The genius has completed 25 years in the industry, and on his 51st birthday, checkout this special list.















Besides, there are some international ‘impactful’ songs from the maestro. A few of them are:











There are many more to the list. To end the list (we know it’s never ending) – we’ve got this special beautiful composition which you gotta checkout. This song has a universal context with very deep meaningful lyrics:


Do let us know in the comments section – those Rahman songs that left a heavy impact on you.


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