Meet The Army Martyr’s Wife Who Is Fulfilling Her Late Husband’s Last Wish, By Joining As a Lieutenant In The Indian Forces

Whenever an army man of our country has been martyred while fighting terrorists at the borders, every single one of our country has cried. But who is the most affected? Their family. A family that loses its support system, its backbone, its pride. But how the family tackles such situations is what catches the eye. Not only is it about accepting realities and moving forward but also living their dreams and last wishes. Today’s story is one of those precious picks.

Martyr's wife Jyoti Nainwal dressed in army uniform - Zee News Live

Jyoti Nainwal, a 32-year-old woman from Dehradun that has changed her life from being a housewife to a lieutenant in 3 years. 3 years back tana husband Nayak Deepak Nainwal Kashmir lo jarigina oka terrorist encounter lo chanipoyaru. He was shot in his spine and his chest 3 times. Yet, almost 40 terrorists tho fight chesina tarvata, tana injuries severe avvadam tho martyr aiyyaru.

Naik Deepak Nainwal | Honourpoint

Ee news valla family ki pedha shock laa tagilindhi. Her wife was left shattered with 2 really little kids. The same year she decided to join the armed forces and fulfill her husband’s wish to serve our country and also pay a tribute to her martyr husband.

Jyoti Nainwal Joins Indian Army, Fulfilling The Last Wish Of Martyred  Husband

The women of India. Okkasari edhaina taluchukuntey, chesi chupichestaru. Inti four walls madyalo tana iddari pillalani chuskuntu unde Jyoti ki, SSB exams gurinchi basic knowledge kuda aa time lo ledhu. Kaani valla amma cheppina motivational words, tana husband tho jaarige “Nak emaina aipotey” conversations tanani ee decision tiskodaniki major gaa push chesindhi.


Husband leru kabatti tanu inka intlo undi pillalani chuskuntadi adi society expect chese time lo, valla amma maatalu oka huge impact play chesei.

She said “Beta, take this situation as an opportunity. Don’t raise them by giving others’ examples, but set yourself as an example in front of them and make them feel proud. Teach them to sail through the ups and downs of life.”

Soldier Naik Deepak Nainwal Martyred In 2018 Wife Jyoti Nainwal Become  Indian Army Officer At OTA Chennai | Uttarakhand News: साल 2018 में शहीद  हुए सैनिक की पत्नी ज्योति नैनवाल बनीं सेना में ...

But, joining the Armed Forces is never an easy task for anyone. Amma support, valla brother support tho paatu, The Mahar regiment kuda chala support chesaru. Brigadier Cheema and Col MP Singh, tanani mentor chesi, Selection Service Board exams preparation ki help chesaru. Housewife avvadam valla tana English speaking skills kuda best shape lo undakapovadam tho, chala hardships face chesindhi. But army veterans help tho chala determined gaa prepare aindhi.

Jyoti Nainwal story of a Veer Nari and mother of two to become an Army  Officer – GirlandWorld

Ee year start lo tana fourth attempt lo, SSB exams lo qualify aiyyi Chennai lo eleven months lo severe training chesi finally army officer place lo appoint aiyyaru. Chennai Officers training academy lo jarigina passing out parade lo Lieutenant gaa commission avthu, tanu ee place ki reach avvadaniki credit tana mentors inka family members ki icharu.

Her two kids, the 9-year-old daughter Lavanya and the 7-year-old son Reyansh both were seen cheering for her mother with extreme pride in their hearts dressed up in army uniforms.

“I’m feeling very proud of my mumma, she always used to say that she will become an Army officer, and today she has fulfilled her dream. She is the best mother in the world, I love her very much” her daughter Lavanya said while speaking to the media.

Wife of soldier martyred in 2018, Jyoti Nainwal becomes Indian Army officer  - India News

Her courage and willpower to do this are truly amazing. To talk about how the inspiration to do this started, she said

“I never thought I’ll go for a job as I was a homemaker. Only when my husband was in the hospital, I saw how the Army takes care of their soldiers. So, I decided to join the Army and my husband’s Mahar Regiment helped. I want to tell the wives of other martyrs that we should live in a way that our children don’t need to take anyone else as their inspiration”

Her husband has been her guiding force and her strength through all of this. A man she is extremely proud of being a wife to. While talking to the media about her husband, she said

“He gifted us a life of pride which I am trying to carry forward. I’d like to thank my husband’s regiment. They stand with me at every step and treat me like a daughter. For brave women, I’d like to become a mother not for birth but for deed, and whatever I live for, will be a gift to my children.”


What a lady. What an inspiration she has set for the world. Every single one of us shall rejoice over the wonderful woman our country has.

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