Here’s How The Brilliant Sound Design And Background Score Of “Arjun Reddy” Has Set New Benchmark For All The Movies In Tollywood!


Arjun Reddy is not just a film for any of us. It is an experience that is indescribable. A story telling that has excelled throughout. And one such aspect from this experience Background Score, Sound Design and Music. When the teaser and the theatrical trailer of the movie “Arjun Reddy” got released, what was the first thing that caught your attention? Sound right?

Now, I just want to tell one thing. Arjun Reddy did not have overpowering sound or background score. The sole purpose of the BGM by “Harshavardhan Rameshwar” was to help the audience to EXPERIENCE the visuals through his field of art. This one clear decision by him made the film more impactful than the usual. Throughout the film, the understanding between the director and the music director is so clearly seen. I really wondered what helped what?

Let me talk about two things here, Background Score and Sound Design. So, basically a lot of people don’t know the importance of sound design in a film or they just do not understand the difference between score and sound. To tell you in short, background score is something that is added to dramatize a scene and sound is something that makes the scene more alive. In a way, a scene becomes realistic only when the background score and sound design strike a balance. If we’re feeling that “Arjun Reddy” just happened rather than it is made, that is because of the incredible work that went in there. There were so many instances in the movie to prove this.

But, out of all these things, I’d want to highlight a few such instances. That is, the classy taste of Director Sandeep Vanga towards music and sound.

Be it Arjun’s character defining song

The classical song that is played when first time Arjun meets Preethi.

The song that was played after Arjun and Preethi’s Fight

The song that was played right after meeting Preethi.

The song that was played where Arjun and his dog sleep on the couch.

The music that was played right before the interval.

The song that was played during the death of his grand-mom.

These instances were very helpful in creating an experience that had a huge impact on all the audience throughout the film. And also, I think it is not necessary to mention about the songs. Not because they’re already popular, but because comparatively sound design and the background score has stolen the show throughout. Finally, If Arjun Reddy as a film is compared to a person with stylish outfit, then Radhans music, Harsha Vardhan’s background score and Sync Cinema’s(Sachin Sudhakaran) sound design are like Ray ban Aviators, that compliment the attire. It basically enhanced the whole appearance of the film and helped achieve a brilliant cinematic experience for us.


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