Araku Coffee Promoted By Anand Mahindra Opens Its First Retail Store In Paris!


Araku Coffee is going global. A global coffee venture, Araku Global holdings is pushing to take our Indian coffee brand as a luxury coffee product to the west. Araku’s Arabica coffee is one of the finest in the country. Its delicate flavor and balanced sweet aroma make it a most desirable luxury brand.

This will not only help the brand grow, but will also bring about an improvement in the lives of the tribal coffee crop producers of the Araku valley. Mr Mahindra also went ahead and stated that “This move is the future of philanthropy”. This type of business model will ensure that a sustainable private enterprise will also benefit the larger social needs as an ongoing process. Araku Coffee is currently being sold online all across Europe. It will also be launched in a lot more stores pretty soon.



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