Apple’s App Store Has Released “The Best Of 2017″… Here Are The Top Apps & Trends In iOS India!


December raagane, shopping lo discount lu, kotha mobiles ki offer la tho chala hadividi ga untundhi. As usual Mark babai kuda Facebook lo “Year In Review” tho mana kashtaalani cinema style lo chupisthaadu. Inka Google vaadu tagguthaada? Vaallu kuda play store lo top app downloads of 2017 and trends of 2017 ani release chesesaadu, inka Apple kuda adhe meter ni follow avuthuu “Best Of iOS 2017” category lo, Top trends in iOS, Top apps in iOS ani charts release chesesaadu. So, here’s the list of Top apps in App store India and top trends of 2017 by Apple iOS.


Top Apps Charts:
1. Whatsapp:


2. Youtube:


3. Facebook:


4. Paytm:


5. Messenger:


6. Share It:


7. Instagram:


8. Google Maps:


9. Uber:


10. Hotstar:


11. Amazon:


12. Ola:


13. Gmail:


14. Wynk Music:


15. My Jio:


16. My Airtel:


17. Google Chrome:


18. Flipkart:


19. Snapchat:


20. Imo:



App Store Best Of 2017 (Trends)
1. Finding A New Reality (Augmented Reality)

As Apple stated there is a new trend of Augmented reality (AR) and the majority of the apple users received unrestricted access to this groundbreaking reality. With more than hundreds of apps that have flooded the Apple’s app store, here are the top picks by Apple.

1. Zombie Gunship AR


2. ARise


3. Filmr – Easy Video Editor AR


4. Follow Me Dragon


5. Magicplan:


2. Hyper-Casual Games (Mobile Games)
Highly entertaining mobile games have taken over our screens, with new games releasing every month and improved visibility on our phones there are literally unlimited games that entertain us. But, Hyper casual games seem to blend with the basic principles of the past with the technological advances of the present.
1. KleptoCats


2. Tap Titans2


3. Bowmasters


4. Egg INC.


5. Warcher defenders.


3. The Age Of Convenience (Booking Apps)
Right from the very first days of mobile evolution, they sure did make our life a lot easier, cutting long queues, booking right from our fingertips mobile apps have for sure helped us. So here’s a compilation of top booking apps in App store for 2017.

1. Big


2. Book My Show


3. Mr. Right.In


4. Swiggy


5. Uber Eats


4. Stream Anytime, Anyplace (Live Streaming Apps)
Entertainment has seem to have no boundaries these days, from live tv in mobiles to content aggregators making their way into mobile apps. There’s a new trend of developing apps that stream content right from our mobiles. so, here’s Apple’s list of top streaming mobile apps in India.

1. ALTBalaji


2. Hotstar


3. Netflix


4. Sony LIV


5. Sun NXT


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