Andhra Pradesh To Become The First Indian State To Use Drones For Surveillance In All Districts!


Tech savy Nara Chandra Babu Naidu is gearing up for various developments in the state with the help of technology. He is employing technology for an efficient and hassle free government. In continuance to his various measures, the state is now going to get surveillance drones in every district.

Generally, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) either controlled by humans or computers with good resolution camera, usually used for surveillance. These can fly up to 500 meters high and travel anywhere in a 2Km radius.

Trials are ongoing in several districts. Earlier drones were used during the Krishna Pushkaram at the bathing ghats for surveillance. Police can use these drones to rescue people during the times of natural calamities, to detect suspicious activities during VIP visits. Once this is fully operational, Andhra Pradesh will be the first state to fully use drones in all districts. The long arm of the law now has an eye in sky too.



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