Checkout The New Guidelines Of Curfew In Andhra Pradesh & Heartfelt Video Of AP Police

Mana Andhra Pradesh government covid spread ni control cheyadaniki oka important decision thiskuni imposed curfew pettindi ani mana andhariki thelusu, so ah imposed curfew gurinchi explain chesthu government konni guidelines release chesindi, mari ee curfew lo em allow unnayo em levvo theluskundam..

Here are the guidelines regarding the imposition of curfew in Andhra Pradesh:

1. The curfew will continue from today (May 5th) till May 18, sudden raise of covid and cases inka peruguthunnai kabati day curfew kuda impose chesaru, 12 noon to 6 AM effect from May 5th to May 18th.

All firms, shops, restaurants, offices.. etc are to be closed at 12 noon and can reopen at 6 am

2. Coming next two weeks varaku ee curfew timings lo state borders kuda close chesi untai, all Intra and Inter district public transport will not be allowed. Inter state public transport shall also remain suspended from 12 noon to 6 AM.

3. Strict imposed curfew maintain chesthune government konni essentials and emergency services ki permit ichindi..

Government has issued orders exempting several sections from the curfew such as print and electronic media, Telecommunications, Internet, broadcasting, IT services. Banks, LPG, CNG and gas outlets were exempted from the curfew.

4. Power generation, distribution and transmission services and water supply, sanitation, warehouses, security services are also exempted.

5. Vaccination and all medical emergency’s

Vaccine nunchi scanning dhaka any medical emergency’s and needs ki eh time lo ayina permit undi, condition explan chesthe authorities allow chestharu.

6. Doctors and staff are exempted from the curfew.

Government and private hospitals lo work chese doctors and staff ki eh time lo ayina ee curfew nunchi permit undi, they have to show their identity card to the officers and move forward.

7. Air and rail passengers to show their tickets and proofs.

Airport and rail station ki velle passengers valla travelling tickets and proper proofs ni carry chesthu chupivali, after verification they will get exempted.

8. Corona weddings

Already fix aypoina weddings eh hadavidi lekunda 20 members dhatakunda local authorities permission thiskoni gammuna cheskovali, or kothaga plan cheyali ana kuda local authorities permission must and should.

9. The orders issued by the government that Section 144 should be enforced throughout the day. District collectors and department heads were instructed to strictly enforce corona restrictions.

10. Support to the Police Department

Ee situation lo veellu harsh ga behave chestunnattu anpinchachu kani, They’re just following the orders from above and they’re doing it for our own good. Simple ga cheppali ante, Manam intlo safe ga untunnam ante, Vaallu bayata roads paina undi anni chuskuntunnaru kabatte..

See this heartfelt video of AP Police requesting us to stay home and stay safe

Stay Safe.. Stay Home

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