10 Strict Actions That AP Is Taking Better Than Any State In Tackling Corona


While Kerala has been garnering most of the appreciation recently for tackling corona virus with great measures. Our own one of the 2 Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh has created a niche for itself in effectively handling the pandemic. Here are a some strict actions that AP government is taking better than any other state:


1. Most number of government-run labs.

From having zero testing labs in March to having 52, the most number of government-run labs as on date AP is acting quick in testing and analysing the samples.


2. Lowest positive rate:

AP has one of the lowest Corona positive rate in the country i.e. 1.38%. While the corona positive rate of India stands at 8% as of today. Corona positive cases in the neighbouring Telugu state, Telangana is now at 15%.


3. Most number of tests conducted per million

AP has conducted 14,049 tests per million (population of 53.4 million), well ahead of the second state with more tests per million-Tamil Nadu. TN has conducted 12,264 tests per million for a population of 77 million.


4. Volunteer system: The backbone of AP government

4.5 lakh volunteer staff which he had appointed before the corona flare-up struck India. These volunteers were appointed in over 11,000 villages across the state.


5. 50 households were allotted to each volunteer

In the first phase, more than 10,000 foreign returnees, far beyond the Government of India records, were traced by the volunteers.


6. First state to utilise mobile phone towers signal to trace corona:

Andhra Pradesh was the first to utilise mobile phone tower signals to check those under home quarantine. A Covid-19 positive leaving a base area of 100 metres would raise an alert at the local level of governance and subsequently at the state level. 


7. Special device to spot all the places visited by the patient:

Apart from the mobile tower signal, a comparable device to track all the spots that a patient visited 14 days before he tested positive was used to improve the contact following framework.


8. Rapid testing:

From having zero ability to test over 15,000 people per day to now having 52 government labs positioned across the state AP government has way far ahead.


9. Hospitals at every level:

The state currently has 4 critical care hospitals, one Covid-19 hospital in each district and 5 additional medical facilities in every one of the regions (government + private) obliging Covid cases.


10. Testing for every household within 90 days:

Now in order to ramp up testing, CM Jagan on June 22 ordered that every single household in the state will be screened for the virus within a period of 90 days.


UK Deputy High Commissioner hails the efforts Andhra Pradesh govt to tackle coronavirus:


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