This Anti-COVID 2-DG Drug Developed By DRDO and DRL Hyderabad Could Be A Huge BreakThrough – Here Are More Details

Covid virus ochinapati nundi world wide doctors vaccine tayarucheyadaniki chala kastapaddaru , enno researches , experiments ayinaka successful ga vaccine develop chesaru , but vaccine andariki ivvadaniki time paduthundi , eelopu covid effect ayina janalu chala mandhi respiration problems valla kani vere critical issue valla chanipothunaru. Treatment lo e medicine vaadithe effect tagguthundi ani assumption chesinave kaani particular ga covid virus kosam e drug confirm kaledhu. Ninna Drugs Controller General of India’s (DCGI)  official ga 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) ni emergency use kindha vadachu ani approval ichindhi. Here are more details

Developed by: INMAS, a lab of DRDO, in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Hyderabad

Drug Name : 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG)

How efficient is 2-DG Drug? How does 2-DG Work ?

Ee drug virus unna cells lo enter ayyi , a virus growth ni aaputhundi and adhi replicate ayye energy ni kuda champesthundhi . Only virus effect ayina cells tho react avvadame e drug uniqueness

Okkasari virus ki e drug add ayyaka adhi replicate ayye capacity ni champesthundi.

Structural changes

Virus effect ayina cells lo accumulate ayyi , virus growth ni aputhundi , results kindha picture lo chudachu

Before and After using 2-DG Drug

Advantages and Positive Results from 2-DG

  1. 2-DG use cheyadam valla chala mandhi patients lo Supplement Oxygen ivvalsina avasaram ledhu , External Oxygen Therapy/Dependence nundi early relief pondachu
  2. Comparitively other drugs , 2-DG use chesina valla recovery time 2.5 days taggindi.
  3. Irrespective of age (>65 years) unna valla medha kuda positive results e vachayi
  4. Ee drug powder format lo untundi and water lo kalupukuni tagachu, idhi glucose molecular analogue kavadam tho chala easy ga produce cheyachu and rapid ga country antha distribute cheyachu.
  5. Eventually anni bagunte this reduces hospital stay of many COVID -19 patients

Ipatidaka leni drug sudden ga ela ochindi?

Drug epudo tayaru chesaru but there is a procedure e medicina ayina vadadaniki , only after Phase wise successful Trails Market loki release chesthundi DCGI

Phase 1 : April 2020

Observation : INMAS-DRDO Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) , Hyderabad scientists laboratory experiments conduct chesi ee drug molecules SARS-CoV-2 virus medha effect chupisthundi and virus growth ni reduce chesthundi ani observe chesaru. So DCGI Phase II ki permission ichindi

Phase 2 : May to October 2020

Covid -19 patients medha ee drug tho clinical trails chesi safe and also patients recovery rate lo significant improvement chusaru. Phase II A lo 6 hospitals lo and Phase II B lo 11 hospitals lo motham 110 patients medha e trails conduct chesaru

Almost 2-DG drug ichina patients migatha patients kante 2.5 days fast ga recover ayyaru

Phase III – December 2020 to March 2021

10 states lo almost 27 hospitals lo 220 patients ki clinical trails chesaru

Results: Less supplement oxygen dependence (42% vs 31%) , Faster Recovery Rate

So , as of now emergency use ki already permission ochesindhi kabatti , lets hope this should be a big breakthrough. Lets all hope, expect and pray ee drug antha manchiga success ayyi COVID-19 patients ki help avvalani.Meeru chadastham anukunna parledhu , malli malli adhe chepthunamu , dhaya chesi avasaram lekapothe bayatiki velladhu. Vellina mask pettukune vellandi. Brathiki unte next year ayina tiragachu, mee valla inkokariki ochi vallu suffer ayithe a guilt life long untundi. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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