You Should Checkout This Unique Resume Of AP That Talks About Everything Happening In The State!


If there is one document that shows who you are and what are you up to, it is your Resume. It gives you one potential chance to capture the attention of other side and sell yourself. First impressions count and it should be the best impression, nothing more than a resume can give you that platform. And why should resume be narrowed down to an individual, why not for a state or a country or party or religion or a company? On the same lines, a resume for the state of Andhra Pradesh state has been made. The resume designed by Leela Gautam Yanamaddi, a Young India Fellow, highlights the growth points of the state. The resume talks about the career objective of ’emerging as one of the top states in the country by 2022 to becoming the best investment destination by 2050. Besides, it also talks about Optical Fibre Network, Growth Rate, GDP among others.

Popularly known as ‘Sunrise State’, Andhra Pradesh is progressing at a much good pace in terms of growth. It is having a proper balance of agriculture and technology. If 1 out of 4 IT Professionals in World is from India, 1 out of 4 IT professionals in India is from AP. Andhra Pradesh is an agrarian state where approximately 60% population is dependent on agriculture and allied activities.The state is also partnering with reputed global institutions like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, World Food Prize and Iowa State University in adopting best practices being implemented in agriculture across the world.

On the other hand, the state also recently hosted Blockchain Business Conference, first of its own kind in India and trying to create a FinTech Valley on similar lines to Silicon Valley. AP is also forefront in MGNREGA implementation and converging with other departments, the state had already laid 13000 km of cement roads in the villages, constructed buildings for 3000 Anganwadis, 1000 Panchayat and 100 Mandal Parishad offices.The state is planning to issue RFID cards to every household to streamline the process of trash collection. While the target for the entire country is to dig 5 lakh farm ponds this year, Andhra Pradesh alone had already completed 1.2 lakh farm ponds so far. Enough said, let us have a look at the AP Resume now.


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