An Open Letter to Netflix India from a South Indian Movie/Shows Buff!

Dear Netflix India,

Hey Netfilx thank you for coming to India, but there are certain things you're missing out on. I don't know where exactly to begin with. We love Netflix. We’re in love with your services and we love Narcos, Suits, House of cards, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New black, Stranger Things.

Watching quality content, and knowing that we are being charged 650 to 850 RS in this process is not an issue. But we also love our regional content. No, not that lame "Brahman Naman" or the typical north Indian cliché films. We in south and especially in Telugu and Tamil do have good films and shows to stream.

According to "" nearly 59% of viewership is alone from southern part of India (including Mumbai). And, the saddest part is that we do not even have our kind of proper films to watch. Like, seriously dude? Mr. perfect? 100% LOVE? we get to watch that almost monthly once on our T.V. sets. I do agree that we are not paying specifically to watch only regional content but, it will be better if we get to do so.

So, Please, Dear, Netflix kindly please look down, Yes to the lower part of India and help us out in watching some really awesome movies and shows and for a fun fact we do even have great actors and shows it wouldn't even burn your pockets to produce one(We heard Vir Das is on? we love him though)

But, we still love you, specially for helping us use our HD phones and laptops, for making us aware of the great English-content you provide, for entertaining us throughout. And finally, I'm sure you'll give me even more reasons to love you, make it soon.

P.S. Not all of you might subscribe to Netflix, but those who do, will definitely agree.

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