If This Uranium Mining Happens In Nallamala Forest, It’ll Destroy India’s 2nd Largest Tiger Reserve


This article is taken from the Twitter thread of Mr. Agasthya Kantu, a Political Journalist who is shedding light upon the on going uranium mining issue in and around the region of Nallamala forest, which could eventually result in excavating 20k acres of forest land which comprises of both Amrabad Tiger Reserve in Telangana and Nagarjuna sagar – srisailam tiger reserve in AndhraPradesh.

Speaking to the locals Mr. Agasthya also discussed about the consequences of how the mining affects the environment in that region and the lives of the locals habituated there from generations if the governments greedy quest for the Uranium deposits continues.


Twitter Thread

The Quest of Uranium deposits to meet India’s nuclear power goals, made the Government of India ‘s desperate mood to reach our own #Amrabad tiger reserve in #Telangana

Thread 👇🏻

(Reporting from Ground zero) #Savenallamalla


As the country prepares for a jump towards harnessing electricity through nuclear routes and meet the requirements of India’s nuclear vision (2030) ,India should immediately augment uranium resources and locate new uranium deposits.

India has a target of generating 40,000 Megawatts of nuclear power by 2030. At present India is producing 6,780 Megawatts from installed nuclear power stations. In order to meet it’s target India has to produce nuclear power 6 times of what its doing now.


The high grade and large tonnage proterozoic type of uranium deposits are the most attractive and usable deposits. In India, uranium deposits discovered so far are either low grade or low tonnage or of both low grade and low tonnage.

cudappa basin -Tummalapalle underground mine is so far the most promising uranium belt that GoI has ever found. Greedy quest wants an expansion which is in progress

1. Tummalapalle mine & plant expansion of 1500 tpd
2. Tummalapalle deeper mine & plant uranium project of 3000 tpd


After looking at the quality of Tummalapalle now there eyes are on the lush greenery forest, India oldest and biggest tiger reserve Nallamala forest which comprises of #Amrabad Tiger reserve in #Telangana & Nagarjuna sagar – Srisailam tiger reserve in #AndhraPradesh

The real story begins now.. According to recent developments – The minstry of Environment has given in- principle permission to proposal of ministry of atomic energy for deep survey and exploration of uranium over 83 sq km in #Amrabad tiger reserve.

83 sq km means 20k acres 🙄


By that decision of the central government , panic erupted in the villages around #Nallamala . People living here from generations are worried about the permission granted. BK Timmapur people told me – if anyone comes for Uranium they have to face our axe and chilly powder.


Look at the talent of this tribal people.. This song is an instant song by him. He is singing “Chenchulu unna nallama..” Which i loved ! Take a look !


Chenchu’s are the long living tribal near #Amrabad of Telangana. Its a very old tribe that entirely depends on forest resources. There are most worried because any decisions of migration would not only take them away from there land but also it will be an end card for that tribe.


She is an women from cChenchu tribe near Nallamala and she says ” Many generations of our families spent there time here now we can’t go out from here on name of some Uranium. I am ready to fight with them holding bow and arrow 🏹.. ” #Saynotourainum


When i was traveling here accidentally I happened to meet Prof. Hara Gopal Garu,who come here to educate them about hardships of uranium. He told ” While Building dams they promised lot of things,70 years gone and they didn’t do what they promised. Now they are coming with uranium


Prof also said ” should they leave this land just because there is something inside on what they are standing. Is uranium more important to you than people? ” . He on behalf of those people requested state government to intervene and #Savenallamala


#Amrabad is a tiger reserve where many tigers 🐅 (a spices which is on a edge of extinct that we only remember on #Tigersday ) What will happen to tigers if this process and testing of uranium takes place ? A grave danger for environment and Animals. #saveNallamala


Ending : GoI has to be stopped from doing any kind of movement in this activity because if it doesn’t stop here it can’t be stopped anywhere. Nallamala will gone, soon we all be gone.

కడుపుకు అన్నం తిన్నేవాడు ఎవడు ఈ అడివిలో Uranium కోసం చూడడు ! #Savenallamala #NoUranium








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