Amit & His Love For Suitcase In Big Boss Is The New Meme & These Edits Will Make You Go ROFL


Asal social media lo janalu, entha fast unnaru ante, Big Boss start ayyi okkate roju ayyindhi. But that did’nt stop people from making unlimited memes. Ilanti list lo mana Telugu meme pages ki first bali ina candidate Amit Tiwari. Asal chala mandhiki ithanu evaro kuda thelidhu, chudagane ‘Evadra veedu, child artist ah? intha over action chesthunnadu ?’ ani kuda anukunnaru. Mari adhi kaaka janalu observe chesina oka super strange vishayam enti ante, his immensce love towards house mates’ Suitcases. Yes, you read that right (and you’re not the only one). Mari inkendhuku late, endharo mahaanubhavulu, vaallu chesina enno meme-lu.


1. Suitcase ni chusthe..adhedho theliyani infatuation.


2. People were quick enough to give him a uniform


3. Amit & Bags: Better Love Story than Hrudaya Kaaleyam


4. Amit & Amit moment


5. First adhi icheyani


6. When bag is an emotion


7. Replacement found


8. Veedi over action enti manaki


9. Whaat The Suitcase !


10. Bag Dhonga


11. Simplicty Level: Reeyyy Amith


12. Amit hinted us long back in S/o Sathyamurthy



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