10 Key Points That Sum-up Everything About Amazon’s Largest Campus In Hyderabad


If you’ve been following the news lately, Amazon has opened its largest campus in Hyderabad. And no wonder everybosy is talking about it. So here are 10 important things you need to know about this much anticipated new campus in Hyderabad.


1. The office space is spread across 9.5 Acres of land, Means 1.8 million square foot.


2. While this is THE largest campus in India, This is the largest Amazon campus in the world, after their headquarters in Seattle.


3. This new office is located in Financial District, Gachibowli.


4. Amazon is looking forward to house more than 15,000 employees for this new office. Both new recruits and existing ones included. (Which means, A lot of new hirings will be happening.)


5. Also, This building is the ONLY campus that Amazon has bought and owns outside the USA.


6. Telangana is now home to one-third of Amazon’s total India employee base across six offices, including the new campus building.


7. The construction of this new building has used more than 2.5 times the amount of ‘steel by weight’ used to construct the Eiffel Tower.


8. Amazon Hyderabad now has the capacity to house three times the number of people that its largest building in the US does.


9. “We have eight buildings in Hyderabad with 4 million sq ft of office space. We are going to be migrating some of the employees out of some of those facilities (to the new campus). So far as of today, we moved around 4,500 to the (new campus). The building can hold – at any given point of time – 15,000 people,” said, Amazon vice president of Global Real Estate and Facilities John Schoettler in an interview.


10. Amazon had laid the foundation stone for this campus building on March 30, 2016. An average of 2,000 workers were on the site every day for 39 months to construct the building, spending 18 million man-hours.


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