Here’s All That You Need To Know About Amaravati’s ‘Thematic Cities’ Concept!


While the idea of a brand-new capital is gradually coming closer to the minds of Andhraites, the Capital Region Development Authority announced the allotment of lands to nine ‘thematic cities’ on February 19. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


Here’s all you need to know about the ‘Navaratnas’ in Amaravati:

1. Foster + Partners
The London-based architecture firm will submit their final design featuring the nine ‘thematic cities’ concept.

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2. Government City
The official seat of the Andhra Pradesh government will feature the Secretariat, Legislative Assembly and Council, and the headquarters of other government agencies.

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3. Tourism City
This city will be the hub of tourist activities, and will host hospitality organisations. CRDA officials also stated that one five-star hotel, one four-star hotel, four three-star hotels will come up in Amaravati with an investment of Rs. 250 crores in the next two years.

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4. Knowledge City
This area will feature top-class universities and educational institutions in a water-front setting. VIT, SRM and Amrita Universities will come up in Amaravati by next year.

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5. Finance City
The Central Business District will house the Finance Department headquarters of the state government, and other private financial institutions.

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6. Health City
Two world-class hospitals will come up in the Health City of Amaravati, with a total investment of Rs. 4000 crore. Affiliated with the hospitals, a Medical College, medical-related departments, research and training institutions will also be set up. A new AIIMS institute in Amaravati is also in the works.

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7. Sports City
Sports stadia and other sports-related facilities will come up in this city, as the name suggests. The main sports complex will have indoor and outdoor games infrastructure, along with athletics and running tracks.

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8. Justice City
The Hindu stated that ‘the A.P. High Court will be established in the Justice City in addition to other courts and offices of various judicial departments.’

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9. Media City
Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn originally proposed the idea of this city, which will feature film, HD TV and audio studios, digital post-production and media management services in the cloud.

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10. Electronic City
Huge investments have been attracted by this city during the recent CII Partnership Summit. Multi-national electronics companies like Electronic Arts, Cognizant and GE are planning to set up their offices here.

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11. Walk-to-work concept
Special emphasis has been laid on pedestrianisation in these thematic cities — with the development of 25 km of walkways linked to open green spaces to promote a walk-to-work environment. People will also have most of their daily needs available within walking distance.

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12. Inspiration from other cities
According to The Hindu, ‘Officials of the APCRDA and Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department have studied these models in China, Europe, Eurasia, Middle East and South America.’

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