Here’s Why The Whole Of South India Is Eagerly Waiting For The “StartAP” Fest 2017 At Amaravathi!


Startup! Startup! Startup! This is the most common word you hear every day and almost everywhere in the recent times.

But what exactly is this startup? The dictionary gives you a vague meaning of “the action or process of setting up something in working.”

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Okay! Now this is not very clear. Does this mean a bakery that has newly been setup in the end of your lane define startup? NO!

On a basic note there’s no exact definition for this startup, as two investors define it differently and two entrepreneurs agree upon this on a different way. But on a wider angle anything that can be defined on the basis like annual growth, revenue, profitability and stability or is on the verge of making things happen with crazy ideas and unique concepts can be termed as a startup.


Eh Asal ee sodhantha endhuku? antaara…..?
Akadike osthuna guru!!

Our Telugu state Andhra Pradesh is going to host one of the most happening startup fest in India to bring along entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and companies on one platform named “The STARTAP Fest-2017 AMARAVATHI”. The capital city, Amaravathi, is going to witness an estimated 1500 entrepreneurs, more than 300 innovators, 100 startups from across the state and thousands of other aspiring youth, investors, CEOs and students.


All work no play?

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The unique concept about this StartAp fest is that it has separate forums like “Unconference and Design Forum” where you can get along with others over a coffee or drinks, performances from artists, Q&A sessions with the panelists and speakers and etc. It also has a curated forum where creative thinkers come in to make the “city of Destiny” in a much more grandeur way.


In the words of The CEO Of AP, Mr CBN:

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Aithe Nakenti?

A big shout out to all the entrepreneurs or specifically ANDHRAPRENEURs as this is the only such platform conducted in all of south India and is likely to make news for all the right reasons.

It is quite promising as the word here is that the announcements are going to be “very exciting”, the minister of IT Raghunadha Reddy said. The government is committed to promote start-ups and entrepreneurship and this is going to be one big stage to make your startups work, brush your ideas and get that extra boost with the state of art panelists and mentors present here.

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Also FYI, This is what it looked like in the previous years!!

Vizag was littt:




When? Where? And How much?
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