Amaravathi Is Adopting These 5 Advanced Ideas Aiming To Become India’s Most Futuristic Capital!


Ever since the Assembly project laid its first foundation in Amaravathi. Things are rapidly growing. Be it the Manufacturing sector or the Transport sector, Things are getting better day by day with the help of government and the people over there. And by adopting these 5 latest, advanced technologies Amaravathi is not just aiming to become India’s most futuristic capita. But also will be a landmark example template for India’s 100 Smart cities project. Here are the top things that Amravathi is looking to develop.

1. Biometric Solutions

According to Amaravati’s city plans, every property will have fingerprints and iris scans from a new national database linked to it. Residents will pay property tax and utility bills using bank accounts and mobile apps linked to the database.

To avoid poachers (trespassers) and steal electricity, an underground power grid with smart meters will identify spikes in usage, making it impossible for them to climb up power poles and steal electricity.


2. Constructional Resemblance with Both Past and Future

Amaravathi is aiming for roads that will have a resemblance to Singapore roads. Amaravati will have four prominent gateways resembling the entrance of historic temples. The prototype models that got proposed are Water Taxis from Amsterdam, London’s Battersea Park, New Delhi’s Rajpath.

Recognizing Amaravati’s ancient Buddhist roots, the developers also plan to a design the High Court in a way that it resembles a Buddhist Stupa.


3. Happiness Index Concept

Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) departments, Amaravati is being planned as a happy city in which the ‘Citizen Happiness Index’ will be the core concept. Affordable housing and 100% Wi-Fi will be provided while overhead electric wires and mobile towers will be absent.

The city is also being designed as a green and blue city i.e 51% of it is planned as green spaces and 10% as water bodies, which will help temperature to stay under control.


4. Integrated Public Transport

Amaravati will be providing a transport system that comprises of an integrated network of Metro rail of about 12 km, bus rapid transit of about 15 km, a downtown road of about 7 km. most of the vehicles will be electric or run on ‘clean fuel’.

In fact, The government has designed the development in such a way that there will be a public transport facility at a distance of every two km.


5. Energy Efficiency

Amaravathi is planning to invest over Rs 16000 crore for setting up world-class power infrastructure in Amaravati and introduce provide best practices in the areas of energy efficiency.

The Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project will help the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority build energy-efficient and thermally comfortable buildings in Amaravati.


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