9 Alternative Things You Can Do This Diwali, Instead Of Bursting Crackers


OK, everyone on social media tells to celebrate a #NoCrackersDiwali. But nobody actually tells what to do instead of bursting crackers. Here’s a list of interesting things do to this Diwali.


1. Have a ‘favorite movie night’ @ Friend’s place.


2. Make a wish & Light a Sky Lantern


3. Have a nice family dinner, that you’ve always been planning for.


4. Play Card & Board Games: Housie, UNO, Ludo, Tambola ila.. enno ennenno..


5. Add Color, instead of noise. Decorate your home with lights.


6. EAT like a monster: Diwali is a festival of sweets too.


7. Have a small house party.


8. If you can’t resist yourself from burning crackers, try Eco-Friendly crackers instead of normal ones.


9. If nothing else works out, just dance like an animal.


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