Meet ‘Alluri’, An Indie-Rock Artist From London, You Should Know About


Hyderabad born and London based ‘Alluri’ is a singer, songwriter (composer and lyricist), who’s impossible to categorize. His Music feels like a breath of fresh air and is often described as ‘genre-hopping‘.

Alluri spent his first 15 years of life in Hyderabad and later went to Europe to pursue higher education. His music has been influenced by both eastern and western sensibilities and he has used this as the inspiration behind his debut album ‘Man of Truth‘. The album was released in 2016 to a critical reception, earning accolades from top music experts.It’s because the man is best amalgamated with the best of the two cultures. Here’s one, have a look.


Alluri teamed up with producer Tommaso Colliva (Muse / Franz Ferdinand / Jesus & Mary Chain) to record the album O Katha, which includes the single “Evari Kosam” (For Whose Sake) which was aired on BBC Asia network as Track of the Week.

‘O Katha: Tales of This Telugu Man’ is the first time a Telugu album was recorded in Milano using Italian session musicians and played live to audience internationally.

Alluri’s Italian entourage of musicians include, Paolo RaineriTrumpet, Roberto Dragonetti– Bass, Davide Arzuffi – Drums, Pietro Ubaldi – Keyboard, Alluri – Vocals/ Elec Gtr, along with two musicians from Hyderabad Ranga – Flute, Murli – Tabla, who are slated to perform his new Telugu Rock Album Music live at Gachibowli Indoor stadium on 18th August 2018, a one of a kind and first of its type concerts in Hyderabad.


Though he released his first album ‘Man of Truth’ – love songs, sung by a guy suffering from a split personality, in English earlier, Alluri had great passion for his mother tongue, which led him to create this new Telugu album for western audience, a first of its kind rock album in Telugu.

His effort is described as taking Italian of the East to the West since Telugu is considered as Italian of the East. Moreover, it is his passion for mother tongue that helped create this unique album where Alluri has written all the lyrics, composed music and also played on guitar besides singing in his mother tongue.


His successful performance at the international stage includes Cambridge Folk Festival – July 2017, Sofar Sounds X Amnesty – Milano Sep 2017, Transmusicales – Rennes, France Dec 2017, Tallinn Music Week 2018 – Estonia April 2018 and in London – 12 June 2018. He was also part of the NH7 Weekender Pune in 2017.


His passion for writing songs arose in the year 2011 where he managed to pen-down half the songs of his album in 2013, the rest were written in 2014 and the earlier part of 2015. The influence of maestros like the Pink Floyd, The Smiths, Joy Division, David Bowie, The Doves, and Nick Cave, many more can be clearly seen in his style.

Great music is made everywhere in the world. Language is no barrier when you hear a song that offers some emotional or melodic connection. Alluri’s music is almost impossible to categorize into a specific genre, thanks to the multiple influences of classical and western beats on his music. His music has a touch of British and vintage sound reaching a wide range of audience. His excellence in performance comes from simple observation and appreciation of life as an event happening to him.


Alluri & the Italians’ will be performing at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad on August 18, 2018. They will also be performing in Mumbai on the 10th of August, during their trip to India.

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