Watch VFX Artists Create Magic In These Before And After Making Shots Of ‘AKHIL’!

“AKHIL!” The grand debut film of the scion of the Akkineni Family came out last year. The film garnered a lot of hype pre-release for being the launch vehicle of Akhil Akkineni! However, the film met with a lukewarm response on release. Several things went amiss in the final product of the movie. However, one thing that stood apart like a beacon was the CGI & VFX work for the movie.
The VFX work was just so neat and very well done. Good CGI needs to be so seamless that you do not realize what is real and what is not. The layering, the matte painting work and the lighting work was just spot on. It was very pleasing to see CGI done so well. The fight scene right at the start where the Charminar was created in CGI was done very convincingly. The underwater sequence with the piranha was very well constructed and the final output was surely a treat to watch. 2015 saw Tollywood reaching new heights in terms of the quality of CGI work that has come out.
Intrigued yet? Watch the video below to know how magic happens on a computer.

Akhil Underwater & Charminar VFX from Yug_and_her on Vimeo.


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