This College In Hyderabad Is India’s 1st & World’s 3rd To Offer B.Tech In AI


IIT Hyderabad ( Indian Institute Of Technology India – Hyderabad campus ) B.Tech programme lo AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) course ni full fledged ga next academic year ( 2019-2020) lo offer cheyyabothundhi; deenitho IITH India lone AI course ni offer chesina First institute authundhi. Not only that, globally Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) universities taruvatha ee course ni offer cheyyaboye third Institute authundhi.


Ee particular course lo only 20 seats mathrame untayi & veeti admissions May 19th 2019 na conduct chese JEE Advance scores ni base chesukuni accept chestharu.


According to a press release issued by IITH , Artificial Intelligence ni oka separate course ga offer cheyyataniki gala reason & mission gurinchi ila state chesaru

The mission of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, IIT Hyderabad, is to produce students with a sound understanding of the fundamentals of theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It also aims to enable students to become leaders in the industry and academia nationally and internationally and meet the pressing demands of the nation in the areas of AI and Machine Learning. IIT Hyderabad is already offering an M.Tech. program in Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning

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Ee Artificial Intelligence course, various departments lo already cover chesthunna important subjects/topic ni comprise chesi untundhi, like ” algorithms from the computer science department, signal processing from electrical engineering department, robotics from mechanical engineering department and mathematical foundations.

Source : New Indian Express


Ee course healthcare, agriculture, smart mobility etc lanti enno application verticals meedha kuda focus chesthundhi.

Vertical application : It is any software application that supports a specific business process and targets a smaller number of users with specific skill sets and job responsibilities within an organization.


Ippudu B.Tech lo Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering pursue chesthunna students Artificial Intelligence ni ‘Minor’ ga theesukovacchu.

According to edexlive:

IIT Hyderabad is already offering an M Tech in Data Science for working professionals that comprises Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other related areas since 2015-16.

IIT Hyderabad’s Department of Liberal Arts in collaboration with faculty from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering has also launched a unique Minor in ‘AI and Humanity.’


Ee course offer chese salient features & future opportunities gurinchi, AI necessity ni highlight chesthu Dr. Sumohana Channappayya, Dean (Research and Development), IIT Hyderabad ila cheppru

AI solutions are particularly promising for India (given the availability of a large corpus of data) where it can have a major positive impact on several critical domains such as healthcare, crop and soil management, weather prediction, surveillance and security, and defence. Long term and robust solutions to problems in these domains require a systematic and disciplined approach that is rooted in the fundamentals of AI. However, the demand for professionals trained in this area far exceeds the current supply. The B Tech program in AI is a step in the direction of addressing this highly skewed demand-supply scenario. The potential for AI to improve the quality of human lives is tremendous. This program will train students in the fundamentals of computer science, AI and ML in addition to sensitizing them to the ethical issues in deploying AI-based solutions.


Ee course importance & aim gurinchi Prof U B Desai, Director, IIT Hyderabad ila chepparu

The basic aim is to create a complete ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence Academics and Research at IIT Hyderabad. This involves B Tech, M Tech and different Minor Programs in AI. Moreover, the R&D will be strongly entwined with academics.


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