This Is How Vijayawada Would Look If You Were Walking On Air!

Vijayawada as a city, packs a sort of drama, a whiff of pride and a streak of sass. And that’s not just speaking about its people but also the city itself as an entity. Now wonder how we can do justice to the awesome place and present it in a matter of minutes? So, Modeling Studios ventured around with a drone and covered what seems to be the best way to view of Vijayawada… from above!

We became fans of the video for three reasons:

1. The music is perfect for the mood Vijayawada gives you.
2. The editing makes you feel you’re flying seamlessly around the city while grooving with the music.
3. And lastly… we kind of love the city in general. So, that’s there.

Enough talk now stop everything and watch this video. You’d want to turn the volume up!

Source: Modeling Studios

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