13 Advices You Would Definitely Give To Your College-Self If You Could Go Back In Time!


College ninchi baitiki vachaka oka kotha prapancham lo enter iyyinattu untadhi. chaala busy ga aipoyi.. life will demand your attention. College lo cheyyalsina things manam casual ga ignore chesesthaamu and job lo join iyyaka ardham authundi that manam enni things miss ayyamoo. Aa time lo manaki “..appudu evarana cheppunte ila chese vaalamu kaadhu..” ani anipisthadhi. We forget that it’s the time to experiment to be confused. So if you could go back to your college days and give your college-self some advice, these are some things we would suggest:


1. Travel more
Entha travel chesina thakkuve, each place has a story to tell and you have a story to leave there. During your college days, make sure you visit at least 10 places.



2. You can make memories in class too
Class room bunk cheyyadam okate kaadu, aa naalugu godalu hold our secrets and crazy things we did in class that give us the feeling of thrill.


3. There’s more to life than being popular in college
Life eppudu ela maaruthundho evariki thelidhu. College lo popular ga unte.. life lo successful avthaam ani rule emi ledhu. So meeru okavela college lo popular unte don’t let it go to your head. Also, remember if you are not popular does not mean you are not talented.



4. Create your identity
Manadhu anedhi oka separate identity undaali, vaala veela friend ani manalni gurthupettukokudadhu. Appudu proud ga anipinchina dhaani consequences tarvatha kanipisthaayi.



5. Participate in events
Opportunities manaki ichina manam utilise cheyyakapothe adhi mana thappe. We can make a lot of contacts and eelanti vaati valla we become street smart. Indhulo full advantage eh undhi, class bunk kuda cheyachu with attendance and we are having fun also.



6. Have the right fun!
Fun ante enti anedhi is entirely our own decision. You love partying –party hard kaani andharu chesthunaaru ani don’t force yourself to enjoy these things.



7. Always be open to meeting new people
Mana life lo eh parichayam eh prayyananiki dhaaritheesthado manaki theliyadu. Every person we meet, even for the shortest time, teaches us something. Appudu mana sodhi batch tho kurchoni solleyadam kaadhu, get to know others because each one has an interesting tale to tell.



8. Explore yourself!
Manaki 50 years vachina there will still be new things to find out about yourself. So experiment with everything in life your style, new hobbies and identify your capabilities.



9. There’s life beyond the degree
Manamu sampadhinche degree life lo manalni anchelu anchelu ga paiki theeskonivelachu but utti degree ne life lo success isthadi anedhi nijam kaadhu.



10. Make right friends
Andhari ni guddi ga nammeyyakunda correct friends cheskovaali. Oka manishi gurinchi clear ga ardham cheskoni vaalani trust cheyacha ledha ani gurthupattali.



11. Choose your own career path
Mana career appudu manatho ne untadhi, ee job cheyyi akkada pani cheyyi ane vaalu vasthu pothuntaaru. What is important is that whatever you are doing should make you happy. Life lo idhi chesthe baagundedhi ane thought kuda mana mind loki raakudadhu.



12. Love is not life
Konni sarlu manaki correct person dorikina timing correct undadhu, ala ani life aagipodhu ga. Life goes on and we must move on. Also bf/gf unte ne manaki value untadhi anedhi bullshit, you decide your own worth.



13. Work for yourself
Friend ki backlog undhi naaku undhi parle kalisi edho okati chesedhaam anukuntaam kaani at the end of the day everyone lives for themselves. Vaalu vaala life gurinchi aalochinchi vellipothaaru maname okkari ga migipothaam.



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