10 Advices To People Who Are In Their Job Search Phase


Graduation ayipoyindhi…mana college lo placement dorakale…so inkem chestham andhari laaga manamu ameerpet poyi…c cpp coaching ki veldham ani plan vesukuntunnara. Ok then.. here are some few advices to you


1. Try to be one among many

Yeah …andharu pothunnaru..so manamu podham …andharu java nerchukuntunnaru..manamu
nerchukundham ani anukokunda…know what you love to do and learn the same.

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2. Introspect and retrospect yourself

Meekem telusu..meerem nerchukunnaru…meerem avvali anukunnaru..just think and conclude once about your past to reclarify your goals.

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3. Work on

Oka conclusion ki vachaka..think on how you can improve those skills..so that you can become the hotcake for the organisation to choose

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4. Implement it

Yela improve cheyaloo telsina tarwata …proceed to learn it ..work hard and make yourself confident on your skill. Prepare in a way that you are the one whom the organisation is searching for ..

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5. Know where to ask and what to demand:

Neeku skill unna..remember u r still a fresher..so start lone 10 lac package ravali anukovadam foolishness ..so start little ..but dream big

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6.Don’t disappoint:

Andhariki job vachesindhi …naku 70% unna ravatledhu …What iam doing with life ?? Ilanti feels anni vaadhu..remember..good things take time to happen

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7. Don’t forget ur hobbies

C nerchukunte …drawing marchipovalaa…A big NO !! Bcoz there may be a day where ur hobby can be turned into your profession that gives u money …How cool it is !!! So don’t leave your hobby..

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8. Resume is gold:

Make it as simple as possible . Ur resume should tell the recruiter about your ability and willingness to do the work

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9.Build your network:

Interact with it seniors, friends, talk , ask , learn and build your network .so that you will get an idea on how the industry is working and how we can make yourself fit in that environment.

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10. Don’t wait for the work:

Yeah ..for example ..if you are good at building a website then try to work as free Lancer , or expose your work in public platforms, do our own projects. People may show interest in you by looking at your works .

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Motivate ayyara ???? Then start working on ….

All the best buddies!!!!


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