Meet The 20 Year Old Achinta Sheuli Who Created History With A Gold Medal In His Debut Commonwealth Games

From poverty to podium, another medal and an inspiring story, this time its again a GOLD. It is the third gold medal for India and the sixth one in total, all coming from weightlifting, ante ala undi mari mana India weightlifting team strength, ichi padesthunnaru.. Achinta Sheuli have won gold medal for India in Commonwealth Games 2022. This 20 year old champ lifts 313 kg’s and created history.

Know about our Golden Champ.

Achinta Sheuli was born on November 24, 2001 and competes in the 73 kg weight class. Poor family background avvadam tho Achinta valla father Jagat garu West Bengal lo cycle rickshaw naduputhu inka konni daily wage works chesthu intini chuskune varu, suddenga okasari 2013 thanu heart attack tho chanipovadam tho inti responsibility antha family andhari paina padindi. Ah tharvatha nunchi Mother Purnima garu kuda tailoring ala chesthu pillalni pencharu..

Appatiki Achinta ki 10 year eh, saradhaga adukuntu valla elder brother Alok local gym lo weightlifting cheyadam chuse varu, kani father chanipovadam tho Alok mathram thana dreams ni pakkana petti konni chinna works chesthu inti responsibility ni thiskunnaru, inko pakka Achinta ki proper diet ni provide chesthu weightlifting medha thanaki unna passion ni gamaninchi encourage chesaru..

Situation entha kastam unna kuda Alok thana earnings lo kontha Achinta kosam save chesthu guide chesevaru, tharvatha konni years weightlifting practice chesthu sports quota lo Achinta ki Indian Army lo job kuda vachindi, ayina kuda weightlifting ni eppudu vadhalakunda improve avthu Commonwealth varaku vellaru.

Junior to senior championship

He achieved one of the first senior-level international medals at the Commonwealth Championships in 2018 and in 2021. He also won the Silver Medal in the World Junior Championships in the Men’s Category of 73 kg.

Achinta Sheuli, on the basis of his recent performances, was picked up as a part of the 12-member Indian weightlifting squad for Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022.

Our young weightlifter Achinta executed three clean lifts 137 kg, 140 kg, and 143 kg in the snatch session and 170 kg in clean, with the total 313 kg’s weightlifting our young champ created the history by winning the gold for India in his debut Commonwealth Games 2022.

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