This Hyderabadi Instagrammer Is Bringing Life To On-Screen Characters Through His Portraits!


Sketching and movies are this brilliant artist’s passion and he has found a perfectly blend between both of them. Meet Karthik Abhiram , who sketches characters from movies, tv shows and comic books. These sketches look as lively and good as real characters and Karthik through his art brings out the life in them. This Hyderabadi artist says that all of his sketches are characters from movies or trailers that he has watched, because he finds a connect with a character to sketch them. He has grown up on Hollywood action films and these flicks have come out in the form of his portraits. He recently presented an exhibition of his movie sketches along with another artist, Parul Verma for “The Art Conf Hyd 2017” at Collab House. This exhibition featured sketches of iconic scenes from movies like Bahubali, Dhruva among others.

Karthik’s day job is an HR personnel at an IT firm but action, sci-fi and horror movies have always been his favourite and sketching is his way of reliving each moment and emotion he experienced with those characters. Sketching helps him escape the stress but is also helped him gain the well deserved attention and recignition he recieved for his work. Karthik was always fond of movies but this love for cinema drove him to sketch the amazing characters he came across. His first were characters from the Archies comics, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Karthik started a project in April last year and continued to sketch every day for three months. After that, he couldn’t create artworks every day. If missed his daily target, he put up his art once in two days. His Instagram account has most of his splendid sketches published and put out his talent on the map. He realised Instagram’s potential to organise meetings with people who shared similar ideas and opinions about art and movies. All this eventually led him to an Indian Artist Meetup in the city and in these weekly sessions, amateur artists discussed art. Both his sketches and his efforts have inspired us to pursue our passions along with our profession.


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