Meet Abhimanyu Mishra, The 12-Year-Old Youngest Chess Grandmaster

Presenting to you the youngest chess grandmaster, Indian origin Abhimanyu Mishra. Gattiga gurtu cheskunte 12 year old nenu TV lo Oxford chusthu timepass chesanu. But here he is. Abhimanyu. 12 years, 4 months 25 days old breaking every record there is and setting a name and record for himself.

Ee pandemic lo, intha uncertainty lo, world motham travel chesi tournaments lo participate chesi he has become the grandmaster of chess by breaking a record of Sergey Karjekin by just 4 months. Sergey Karjekin has been holding the record of being the youngest grandmaster for way too long.

How it all started?

Abhimanyu 2 year unnapudu valla nanna Hemant, Abhimanyu ki chess nerpinchaaru. By 5, valla nanna ni anni games lo defeat cheyyadam start chesesadu. Tarvata local tournaments lo valla nanna age vallani kuda defeat chesesevadu. An then, tana coach Arun Prasad deggara nerchukodam modalaindhi.

Travel cheyyadam, tournaments lo velladam, gelavadam, all of it started at the age of 7. And at the age of 9, he became the youngest national master in the US.

However, tournaments kosam money fund cheyyadam without any corporate sponsorships was not easy. Vere parents valla pillala school fee ki pay chese money, Hemant valla koduku chess kosam use chese varu. Tana Hungary trip kosam USD 16000 funds kuda raise chesaru.

His coach said “He was just nine when he was pitted against a veteran 70-year-old opponent. He beat him in no time. I thought I was watching history in the making. I soon realized he’s not normal – in a great way. He remembers everything he sees. He remembers moves from games in 2014 and 2015. His mind absorbs everything.”

Defeats encouraged him more, midnight 3 daaka practice cheyadam, nanna tho walks ki velli fresh avvadam, washroom ki elli cold water eyes lo splash chesukovadam and coming back to practicing again. He did all to win the title and to break the record of the chess grand master.

His dad Hemant said in an interview, “Up until now I’ve been taking the calls, but once he becomes GM, he’s free to choose what he wants to do with his life, whether it’s the tournaments he plays or if he wants to continue to play chess at all. It’ll be his decision.”

Yet, Abhimanyu already has his next goal fixed. He wants to become the world chess champion one day. We wish you nothing but good luck Abhimanyu. Your hard work, determination, and commitment to the game will inspire a lot of kids from the generation.

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