This Organisation In Kadapa Is Saving Girl Children By Fighting Against Female Foeticide & Infanticide!


No matter how technically advanced we are in the current generation, it is sad to say that female foeticide still exists in our society even today. Despite education about girl child, female children, in some parts of our society, are considered as the social and economic burden to their parents – due to which they understand that it is better to kill them before birth. To tackle this, Sandhya Puchalapalli, has been fighting for years against the archaic mindsets to balance the sex ratio. She is the founder of Vijay Foundation Trust and Aarti Home. By Aarti Home, she provides shelter to all these girls and also runs campaigns to educate people on female foeticide and infanticide.

Started with just five girls two decades ago, it is now a home for more than 119 girls. Aarti Home also initiated a livelihood programme to train women in various income-generating skills besides creating women leaders in villages and enlightening women on their rights. They ensure that all the girls endure safe and fulfilling lives and leave the home with proper employment opportunities in hand. This organisation has been home for many girls and is still continuing to save the lives of many others.

Sandhya has won many laurels and awards with regard to her work she has done through this organisation. In the year 2012, she had been selected for an award in the US and also gave many speeches worldwide regarding this issue. Recently, they also teamed up with a Bangalore based filmmaker called Prataya Shah. They together are making a short film called ‘Dreamer 2’ about Aarti home. This movie will basically target on changing the orthodox mindset of Indians regarding gender bias. Sandhya, who has faced a lot of difficulties during this process, says she is quite contented with the work she has done and change she was able to bring. We need more people like her to keep our girls safe and our future better.


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