Here’s How Social Media Came Together To Help This 75-Year-Old Warrior Aaji Maa


Social media can be toxic a lot of times, Especially in negative times like these. But sometimes certain incidents happen on social media that melt your hearts and prove that humanity is alive after all.

The story that we’re discussing today is about a 75-year-old martial arts ‘Warrior Aaji Maa’ from Pune.

A couple of days ago her video went on Twitter, Where a user wrote,

Even During This Lockdown And Pandemic She Is Forced To Do It As It Seems She Don’t Have Any Other Source Other Than This Art.

Lockdown has definitely changed our lives. We’ve seen teachers who lost their respectful jobs and have started selling fruits.

Pattem Venkata Subbaiah, A 43 old teacher from Nellore who has lost his job teacher job recently and is now selling fruits for survival.


Many people who have lost their jobs have started looking for alternative ways of living in these tough times.


This 75-year-old ‘Aaji Maa’s is also one such hustlers who did not give up.


She displays her lathi skills on the streets and collects money to sustain herself and her family as she has no other source of income due to the lockdown and the pandemic.

People who watched the video immediately started sharing it onto their profiles hoping for help.


And that’s when Sonu ‘SuperHero’ Sood had stepped in, By asking people about her details with the intentions of starting a small training school with her.


Chandro Tomar, An 88-year-old Indian Sharpshooter (On whom the film Saand ki Aankh is based on) also responded on Twitter saying, Jai Ho Dadi.


People from Pune have helped as much as they can by locating the address from the video:



Celebrtries like Ritesh Deshmukh had asked for the details for help.


Soon later, He put up a tweet saying, ‘Thank you so much -we have connected with this inspiring warrior Aaji Maa – incredible story.’


A few people even reached out to her personally and helped her.


Soon after, Director Nag Ashwin also took it to Instagram saying that ‘There is a way you can help this amazing lady, If you wish.’


And shared the details of her bank account


Literally a magic happened in 24 hours.

Incidents like these make us feel like social media is indeed a great and helpful platform. And there IS indeed a good cause and reason behind things becoming viral.

It’s heartwarming to see people unite to help someone in need, in these tough times.


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