This 1 Year Old Buddodu From Hyd Holds Multiple Records For Having Sharp Memory



Social media lo ee line chala sarlu vine untam. Kaani deeniki literal example ento oka 1 year 9 month old buddodu prove chesadu.

1 year lo 5 records:

Aadith Vishwanath Gourishetty from Hyderabad is a 1 year, 9 month old baby who holds 5 unique records for having a sharp memory.

World book of records, India book of records, Telugu book of records and two more national records are the current records he has for having a sharp memory.


What is special about his sharp memory:

Aadith can identify diverse images of colors, animals, flags, fruits, shapes, electronic home appliances.

He can recognise car logos, all english alphabets, wild animals, professions, and so many more things.


Aadith’s father said,

“We cannot be more proud of our little son’s achievements. We believe that every child has a uniqueness in him, which has to be nurtured with care and love.”


“His natural ability to recogize from their images was first noticed by his grandparents when they first saw him identifying images of different gods with ease. ”


When children of his age are busy learning rhymes, Aadith is on a whole different level.


Source: ANI

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