This Confession Of A Page In The Diary Of Osmania University On Her 100th Birthday Will Make You Emotional!


“Thamaso maa jyothirgamaya”, which means ‘Lead me from darkness to light’, is a Sanskrit sentence that appears on Osmania University’s logo. Beyond any doubt, Osmania University has lead many people from darkness to light. An average, shy and inferior student also turns into a powerful orator with all the exuberance required to lead the country in his own way after inhaling the campus breeze as a student. It seems the cool breeze in the campus is filled with lots of motivation and a fighting spirit that’s why every Osmanian would have his own specialty where ever he goes.

Now, the mother Osmania stepped into her 100th year of existence. The year long celebrations have begun on 26th April,2017. Now, what if Osmania writes a diary and what would be written in it on her 100th birthday?? Let’s read…


26th April, 2017
100th Birthday..I wrote this and touched those words again and again with a smile. I couldn’t believe it has been 100 years since the day the seventh Nizam, Mir Osman Alikhan, issued a farman (Like a GO then) for my genesis. I still remember those days when everybody was pampering me as I was the youngest and only University which had an Indian language as a medium of instruction. I remember how many countries those two engineers (Syed Ali Raza and Nawab zain yar zang) visited to bring massive and grand buildings to adorn me. Finally, they found a brazilian architect Monsier E.Jasper. I still like him much. I doubt that he is a magician, he could make me ingest that aesthetic aroma into every part of my body. That’s the secret for your exhilaration whenever you see the buildings, especially Arts College. Arts College is my favorite part.

Arts College has witnessed so many moments and movements. Many people used to sit on my lap and share their woes with me. My children come to me with all timidness, I pat them on the back and give them courage. My motherly touch makes them feel more courageous, you know, they leave with all the guts to face society efficiently. That’s why where ever you go in the world, you find my kids with their own charisma. One of them became PM, a few became CMs, bureaucrats, doctors, engineers, actors and sportsmen etc. Some of them do remember me. The rest might have forgotten me.

When I look back, I am really proud of myself. I am the 7th oldest university now and I have so many achievements as university. I am happy with my journey so far. But, I too have heart wringing incidents that I cannot forget those stains in my life. The authorities banned “Vandemataram” song in my campus. A group of my children fought against it. And, I didn’t like the pain that I got when 364 children were shot when they fought for Telangana. I am the reason for getting separate statehood too.The police made so many wounds on my body with their bullets and tear gases. The blood boils and rebels. Still, I let my kids fight for their rights. You may ask me why I encourage my kids to fight. My answer is I want to make my kids stronger enough to question the injustice. That’s a part of educating them, I believe.

I am proud of myself because I am a centre for brewing the real intellectuality. I am a laboratory of experimenting ideas. I am making my children believe in themselves and fighting against the odds. I am giving them confidence and courage. What more do I want as a mother University?

Now, I am happy that my children are celebrating my 100th birth anniversary with all cultural showcases. All my alumni are coming back to reminisce those good old days with me. The celebrations began with the president of India’s arrival. They celebrate it for yearlong. I want to grow older and older. I want to share my love with more children. I want to turn everybody smarter. Love them all…
I want to be called Mother Osmania forever…….

This article is dedicated to all Osmanians in the world….


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