Here’s What The Holy Month Of Ramzan Means To Non-Muslims In Hyderabad!


Ramzan is always special in Hyderabad, every one living here or who ever have been here will definitely relate to what I’m saying. It is quite common that every Muslim offers special prayers on jummah and it is even more auspicious in the holy month of Ramzan. But what is it like for non-muslims, to be in Hyderabad during “Ramzan”? How do we feel about celebrating a festival that we know nothing about?

Here are the things that explain what Ramzan is for us.

1. We wake up with the call of “Azaan” (no not like the “Sonu Nigam” one) and “Suprabhatham”. The fact that there are truly as many mosques in Hyderabad as temples are, justify my statement above.



2. In the hustling traffic through busy lanes, we watch the city turn “white” with the color striking from far away. Symbolizing peace and the fact that it is the considered the purest color, we prefer this for prayers and watch the roads turn white.



3. Everything will be forgotten with just a cup of chai in our hands and we never regret having taking a sip from that small cup in our hands. We get a different high when the liquid called “tea” passes through our tongue, right into the stomach via throat; after all it is the one thing we would never dispute over.



4. “Iftar” is not only for Muslims but anyone who truly believes in brotherhood and good food will definitely celebrate. How can someone even think of missing these parties?



5. Haleem is probably one of the best creations by humans! EVER! We hyderabadis take our food very seriously. And the fact that we look forward for a whole year just to have this bowl of delicious Haleem says how much we love “Ramzan”.

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Let it not be for the love of God at least for the food we worship is what truly bind us together and makes us wish “Ramzan” should be here.


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