Winning The Q&A Game Like A Pro, Here Are The Best Of Rana Daggubati’s “#99 Questions With Jogendra”!


Our Bhallaladeva is at his witty best in the recent times; let it be the epic replies to media houses on twitter

Or Accurate answers to baseless rumours

He’s showing us how strong his Twitter game is.

Also in his recent candid Q&A session “#99 questions with Jogendra” he came all guns blazing and answered the questions like a pro, so we thought to give the best out of the 99 questions. So, Here are a few finest answers one could give to these questions.

1. Content Is King!

2. Leader To Nene Raju..

3. Way To Go.

4. Oh Yes

5. 404 error!

6. Priorities

7. The 3F Formula!

8. Sassy!

9. Interesting!

10. Tech Savy..

11. If…

12. Super Star On Internet?

13. Woah!!

14. Choose Wisely!

15. Bang On!

16. The Other Side!

17. Alright!

18. BFF..

19.Shots Fired!

20. Yeah!

And The Best Of All!
Q) Can You Do Impressions Of Any Actor?

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