10 Masth Relatable Things In ’96’ That Happened With Everyone One Of Us In Real Life


Once in a while we watch some realistic love stories that touch our heart with its honesty, 96 is one such story. If you’ve watched the movie, you sure know what I’m talking about. Here are a few relatable things from the movie 96, that we all might’ve come across in our lives.

P.S: Spoiler Alert. Proceed only if you’ve watched the movie.


1. No matter what kind of a student you were in school. When you grow up, you will have a job, you will settle well and life will move on.


2. It doesn’t matter how many years it has been, your school will always look the same to you.


3. And your school best friends will be the same, ALWAYS.


4. They remember every single thing from your childhood.


5. A get-together after ages will take you on a nostalgic ride.


6. Your attendance was 100%, but for totally different reasons.


7. Physically you might be a strong and adventurous person ..


8. But your heart beats 2 times faster while talking to your first crush. It takes so much of courage..


9. No matter how old you are.


10. Coming back to the first point, No matter how much your life moves on, some things remain the same.


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