10 Things All 90’s Kids Enjoyed In Their Childhood Before Gadgets Came And Ruined Everything!


Those days when we didn’t have any sort of addiction towards gadgets or the internet was when we purely lived the moments.


1. Cinema release avvagane school baita 1-2 rupee song books konatam.. Lunch hours lo veera level lo practices lu modalu..



2. Favorite actors pictures paper lo vi cut chesi notebooks lo dachukovatam..Andhari collections



3. Cricket plan leni Sundays girlfriends tho sarada ga 5 rupees ki cycle rent ki teskoni galli galli round lu kottadam..



4. Landline tho ganta ganta lu sollu kottadam.. Bill ragane andharu mana vaipu ting ani turning ichukuntaaru..Inka amma aithe “school lo kalustharu kade antha em untai matladataniki” ani antaaru..



5. Carrying those bulli Telephone books where we used to note all our friends numbers.



6. Photographs ante Birthday parties and Marriages ki maathrame parimitham.. More than that we never had that obsession towards pictures, we lived life in moments and not in selfies 😀



7. Weekend appudu TV lo cinema kosam entha wait cheseyvallamo.. Family tho kalisi TV chusthu amma annam notlu pettadam is the best past time.



8. There was no “Pokemon Go” those days and we didn’t bang our hands to random tree on the road yet we collected Pokemon too! Yeah, the cards. It was way easier and fun :p Hey I didn’t forget WWE and Tazo cards.



9. “Post” ani arupu vinagane pargethukuntu velli.. manakosam emi aina ochindemo anna excitement is something priceless.



10. Slam books andhari chetha fill cheyinchukotam.. Teachers tho autograph books so that bench kinda petti fill cheskuntunna slam books dorikna sare em anakudadhu ani 😛



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