A Take Of A Late 90’s Born Guy Who Hasn’t Watched Savitri Garu But Watched Mahanati!


– I haven’t seen the real Mahanati

Yes, before I start & say anything about the movie, I have to tell you that I, a 1996 born guy haven’t watched any of real life Savitri gari movies. And I feel very unfortunate and sorry about it.

But interestingly, because I haven’t watched any Savitri gari movies & watched ‘Mahanati’ there are so many intersting things I observed. I’m sure there must be so many late 90’s kids who must also not have watched any Savitri gari movies. Here’s what I felt and learned.


– How an actress can be irreplaceable.

In the movie we hear a dialogue that, ‘NTR, ANR laanti pedha pedha hero le Savitri gari dates kosam wait chesthunnaru.’ Which indicates that, she was basically irreplaceable at that time. They could’ve gone ahead with some other actress, but no. There was something special in Savitri garu.

I wish heroines today can also be as irreplaceable as her and the heroes today.


– How strong she is both on & off screen

An actress established and proved herself, so well that she can not only look after herself but for people all around her. As shown in the movie, and as per books. She made lots of money, and donated way too much. She never depended on anyone.


– Film making techniques & Acting for real

There’s scene in the movie where Savitri garu has to cry and the glycerin bottle is broken. The immediate thought in their minds is to postpone the shoot. But then Savitri garu convinces everyone that she can pull off the scene without glycerin. Although we don’t know if this happened with her in real life or not. Two things here: 1. They were about to call off a shoot for the day for a small reason (which was very big at that time). 2. Savtri garu did something that shocked everyone at the moment.


– Heroines Now Vs Savitri Garu

Film making is an art that should grow with respect to time. As shown in ‘Mahanati’, heroines then used to have a prominent role and significant importance to the story line. Its not like they are in the film just for a few dialogues and to dance randomly in some songs. But sadly, now in most of commercial Telugu movies, this is what heroines are meant to do. Without taking any names, we know which films we are talking about. It would be great and respectable if actresses get their due importance and strong roles as men.


– Keerthy Suresh: The Stunner

As I a just said earlier, heroines now days aren’t getting potential roles where they can show case, put forward their talent. And Keerthy Suresh is the best example in this case. I’ve watched all her movies (Telugu & Tamil), and in no movie, she seemed like she could pull off a character like Mahanti in future. So it would grateful if new age filmmakers consider females as ‘actors’ too. And give them enough importance to ‘act’.

– Thank You Nag Ashwin

Last but not the least, Thank you Nag Ashwin. Thank you for introducing her to us (the whole new generation). Thank you for the feeling that her story needs to be told.


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