15 Things That 90s’ Kids Grew Up With That This Generation Kids Would Never Understand


Enti malli 90s kids aah ani anukokandi. 90s kids ae. Kani konchem Salt and chilli powder add chesi icham. Okkokkati okko memory. Enni decades ina marchipolennata ah 90s freshness manaki sontam. 90s lo putti, 20s lo perigina manaki vaati gurinchi cheppale kani pustakaalu rayachu. Here are some moments that we experienced and enjoyed.


1. I was grown when 1 Rupee = 4 Asha chocolates.


2. I was grown when having BlackBerry phone was considered more than Ferrari.


3. I was grown when Greeting Cards are distributed for every New Year.


4. I was grown when “Hound of Baskerville” is pronounced as “Hound of Bhaskar While”


5. I was grown when people said Green light in digital watch is due to Radium.


6. I was grown when “chara chayya chayya chayya chayya” song is played in all Jaatharas.


7. I was grown when Goosebumps show in Jetix made me pee in my pants.


8. I was grown when relatives come home and leave saying “ee 2 rupees tho chocolates konukko”.


9. I was grown when Bajaj Chetak is considered as “Harley-Davidson of Middle Class”


10. I was grown when Cadbury Bytes came, conquered and went extinct.


11. I was grown when Emma Watson was considered as World Crush.


12. I was grown when Panchatantram, Bhagavatam, Amrutam are the trio of sunday.


13. I was grown when Wall Chair punishment was considered the toughest in the world.


14. I was grown when Tennis Ball was always given as a complimentary to MILO.


15. I was grown when no one know how to play Minesweeper game in Computer.


Mekuu inkaa ilanti experiences, moments unte comments lo share cheyyandi.
Itlu, 90s kids sangham.


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