8 Inspirational Quotes For Engineers That Will Make You A Winner!


Engineering can get tedious at times. It can make you feel like sh**, praying that you pass that M-1 supply at least in the next attempt or that pretty chick from CSE replies to your third trail to ask her out. It’s all part and parcel of the game, bro.

But why fear, when Chai Bisket is here! What you have to do is read these motivational quotes, man up and face the challenges head-on!

Vijayam(inka chance unte Raakumari kuda) mimmalni varinchu gaaka!


1. Arjuna… *tiu tiu tiu Bhagavad Gita music in background*



2. Saahasam… swaasagaa… saagipo sodhara!



3. So ride your backlogs. Like a boss.



4. Idhey jeevana sathyam!



5. By this time you should be reading these quotes in Ghantasala garu’s voice.



Bhagavad Gita lo Krishnude kadu, vere mahaanubhavulu kuda ilaa selavicharu…


6. Lapothe Engineer ki manisiki theda eetuntadii??



7. Don’t be that lonely guy in silhouette in some Shutterstock wallpaper, okay?



8. Word. Ask Mr. Kalam, if you have further doubts about this one.



You’re free to download and put them up in your room for your daily dose of motivation. Welcome.


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