Here’s A 70 Year Old Man Helping People On Two Wheels And Proving Intensions Are Greater Than Age

As the novel corona virus pandemic continues to ruin the world, we are witnessing new warriors, covid heroes doing everything to help their communities. Corona first wave apudu manalo chala mandhi bytaki velli mari help chesam but second wave is horrible. Chala mandhi byataki velladaniki kuda bhayapaddaru. Andhulonu old age vaallu aythe asalu door nundi step out kuda cheyaledhu.

Alanti tough times lo kuda “Srinivas Rao”, a 70 year old Air India Employee became hero by helping others on two wheels. K.R. Srinivas rao, west maredpally lo untuna oka Air India retired employee. Ayana unna area nundi six to seven kilometers unna needy people ki kavalsina requirements (medicines, ration, food) isthu help chesthunaru.

How it started:

It all started with “Relief Riders”. Santhana Selvan, who is the Bicycle Mayor of Hyderabad formed Relief Riders. Ee organization lo group of cyclists untaru. Cycling general ga fitness kosam or just time pass kosam chesthamu..adhe cycling oka manchi cause kosam cheste ela untundi? Yes deenlo Cycling interest unna vallu, help cheyali anukune vaallu untaru. These hyderabad’s Relief riders are cycling to deliver Food, Oxygen, Medicines to the elderly.

So ala join ayina vare Srinivas Rao. He decided to start cycling like others and helped out many people. Andaru chesedhe kadha ani meru anukovachu. Yaar he is 70 year old ,Mamulu vishayama adhi mana intlo peddha vaallake manam eni jagratha lu chepthu untunam. Alantidi age 70 ayina, old vaallaki ekuva effect avthundi ani telisina, intlo vaallu vadhu anna, peak stage lo cases peruguthunna sare ila tana vanthu help chesthunaru ante chala great.

 “I want to do whatever little I can do for the society” he told in an interview.

Also Covid patients nundi vache calls, messages ee Cyclists unde surrounding area ni batti information pass chesevaalu. Also deenini misuse cheskuna vaallu kuda edhurayaru. Fake help, fake calls, intlo help chesevaallu unna vellani help adagadam ala. Srinivas rao garu alanti vallaki counselling ichi, encourage chesevaru. He helps Hyderabad Relief Riders in checking whether a request is genuine or not!

Ee Relief riders group lo entho mandhiki ayana inspiration, vaallake kadhu ippati nundu manaki kuda. Manam vaalani chusukovalsina time lo kuda vaalle manalni chusukuntunaru ante hats off to Srinivas Rao garu. You became such a huge inspiration to many younger ones out there!!

Relief Riders can be contacted at 9566170334.

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