7 Times B-Town Superstars needed T-Town

Bollywood might has the biggest stars in the country. It might boast collections unheard in the other industries of the country. It might share some great minds in the history of Indian cinema. But at times, when the aura of a wonderful script reaches out to Bollywood, it takes no time for it to be remade in the B-Town. And we the T-Town stands tall in the Savior List.




Here are a few B-Town superstars who owe it Big Time to Tollywood.


Salman Khan


In the present scenario, it seems the Bhai might need no script to deliver a Block Buster. But this would never have been possible without the one script that made him rise from the ashes. Yes, we are talking about Pokiri.




Akshay Kumar 


Akshay Kumar might be one of the biggest stars in B-Town with around 100 films under his belt. But he owes it to the T-Town Blockbuster ‘Vikramarkudu’ for his entry into the 100 crore club of the B-Town.




Varun Dhawan
The new kid in the B-Town won over the masses thanks to Ram’s ‘Kandireega’, remade as Main Tera Hero.






Jeetendra might owe half of his stardom to the South. In short ‘Bollywood wouldn’t have one of it’s biggest hit of the 80’s without Ooriki Okkadu.’ Himmatwala turned Jeetendra a Superstar overnight.




Ajay Devgan


Ajay Devgan joins the list of Super Stars from the B-Town to make a 100 crore film in the B-Town with a T-Town script, thanks to Maryada Ramanna.




Arjun Kapoor


Arjun Kapoor also tried his luck with the classic flick ‘Okkadu’. It might not have fared well in the B-Town but helped him won the critics.


unnamed (1)


Salman Khan joins the party again for he always seems to have knack of keeping an eye on T-Town. Even Bhajrangi Bhaijaan was penned by V.Vijayendra Prasad or more famously the ‘Father of Rajamouli’. With T-Town inspired flicks like Biwi No1, Ready, Jai Ho and Kick already under his belt this Bhajrangi Bhaijaan might just owe his stardom twice to the T-Town.




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