5 Lesser Crowded Beach Houses That You Can Go To In Heart Of South Goa

South Goa is known for its awe-inspiring nature and empty beaches. It’s for all those who are searching for solitude and serenity. While North Goa is bustling with culture, Goan vibe and its history, South Goa is comparatively calm and laid back. It is known for its pristine and uncrowded beaches. South Goa is not packed with vibrant bars or nightlife. But it offers a peaceful environment and clean beaches for you to chill, relax, rejuvenate. It’s a perfect weekend getaway!

The region is all clad with crystal water beaches with stunning beach huts right on the beach that introduces you to the south goan culture and exotic beach life.

Most beach huts are built with natural materials and are sustainable. The experience of staying in a hut is way more precious than staying in a luxurious hotel away from the shores. 

Three of the most famous beaches you should stay on are Palolem, Patnem and Colomb Beach. All three beaches are right in the heart of South Goa and I felt very safe during my stay here last year.

Palolem beach happens to be the heart and soul of South Goa. It is one of the liveliest places in South Goa with hundreds of tourists frolicking around. There are numerous activities you can engage yourself in on the beach. 

Some of them include:

1. Ocean Kayaking is one of the adventurous sports you can indulge yourself in. With the help of paddles, you can drift in the sea and charge the free spirit in you.

2. Banana Ride is quite famous in the area because of its funny nature. It lets you experience the waves of water and splash some of them onto you too. 

3. Take a boat trip and spot dolphins!

Palolem is full of life and exciting things to try, you should spend the weekend to experience all of it. 

But in contrast, Colomb and Agonda are secluded beaches for relaxation and to soak Vitamin Sun.

Now, here’s the exciting part about the beach hut. I’m listing the 5 best beach huts you should stay in, to experience most of the beach life. 


This is a conceptual resort as the name suggests, an amalgam of creativity and aesthetic value. It is run by German and North Indian owners. It is right on the beach and has categorized rooms suiting your requirements.

They offer Luxury Cottages with a beach view, Superior Cottages on the beachfront and, Art Prive Garden View Cottages.

The prices are quite affordable and the food is exotic too. It is a vibrant place to be with the sea just a short walk away. The place is hygienic and well taken care of. 

The interiors are fabricated with Khadi giving an authentic look and the outer environment is adorned with art pieces that resonate with Goanese culture. 

Price doubles around INR 5300 per night onwards


This is a breathtaking place overlooking Palolem Bay. It is a bit away from the touristy spots but the sight from here is to behold. This place is well acclaimed and loved by every tourist who stays here.

 It provides basic wooden huts with an amazing view of the ocean from your room. It has a homely feeling etched to it. You can satiate your taste buds with typical Goa cuisine at this resort.

It is not a luxurious hotel but experiencing the local vibe is a whole different kind of experience. 

Price doubles from INR 1800+ per night onwards


Colomb is a secluded beach in South Goa. It is a true testimony to the notion of tranquility. Bhakti Kutir is a phenomenal place to stay to absorb the essence of the local ethos. A rustic hut ashore is a blessing!

On the outside, it looks like an old place but as you stay you’ll eventually like the atmosphere. At Bhakti Kutir, you can reconnect with nature and its serenity

The Cabanas or the huts are built with locally available resources making it a sustainable place to stay in.

Also, all the holistic travelers may stay here because of the vibe it offers. They also offer ayurvedic massage services to relax your tense muscles and provide typical cultural food to devour. 

Price double around INR 2000 per night onwards


The lush green environment of this place is enough to lure travelers for a stay. These huts exactly resemble the photos you’d see or might have imagined. The picturesque nature of this place invites hundreds to satisfy their urge to go on a peaceful retreat

The outer looks really bland and simple but as you move in, you’d be left astounded by the sheer beauty of the place. They provide two kinds of huts, namely, standard and family huts.

Even this one reconnects you to your roots and nature. It is situated at a cliff separating Colomb and Palolem offering a majestic view of the ocean

Food and pricing are pretty much decent and pocket friendly. It is a must stay for everyone who wants to embrace serenity with comfort.  

Price doubles around INR 2500 per night onwards


This one is a seasonal retreat place to stay. It is beautifully etched with the beach as it is on the beachfront. This place is known for its specialty in multi cuisines, primarily Indian and Continental food. 

It is encapsulated with comfortable lounging areas and a live bar too. Along with this, they have sunbeds laid out for the tourists who want to rejuvenate or read a book in the bright sunshine. 

They provide Yoga and Ayurvedic massages for those who are looking for something holistic. 

The rooms are well equipped and the amenities would make your stay easier in South Goa. 

These were our favorite beach huts to stay in if you want to catch the vibe of Goa and take home a bunch of memories and go back with a stress-free mind

Staying in huts infuses the feeling of humbleness in you and also satisfies your aesthetic instincts. 

Price doubles around INR 1400 per night onwards

South Goa has some of the best beaches in India. Beach hopping is one of my favorite things to do while in south goa. Since most of the beaches are uncrowded they are best for picnics, watching sunsets, reading or spending time with loved ones. Just carry a mat, fill up some coffee, carry a book and settle down on the beach.

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