30% Tax Swaaha: If You’re New To “Cry”pto, These Are The Things Every New Investor Will Relate To

Edho WFH punyama ani karchulu thaggi savings penchuthunnam, ala ala IPO ani Crypto ani kontha side income create cheskundam ani try chesthunte mana Govt madam garu emo neat ga 30 % taxes ani announce chesaru, asale crypto currency lo edhi eppudu lesthadho padukuntadho thelika Elon Musk babai tweets follow avthu crypto investing start chesina manaku ee taxes lolli enti andi.. So matter ipaatike ardham ayindi kadha, if you are new to crypto investment, ee article mee kosame, oh look eyandi..

From when will the taxation come into effect.

The government will levy 30% tax on gains made from any private digital assets from April 1, 2022. The provisions related to 1 % TDS will come into effect from July 1, 2022, while the gains will be taxed effective April 1.

Me who just invested in Crypto before Budget announcement:

Market Crashhhh.. Crypto kalasssss… Thakkuva worth undi ani invest chesesaaa

Me and my crypto friend after seeing 30% tax news:

Few moments later..

Govt madam: Taxation come into effect April 1, 2022.


Hammayyaa 1 month time unda aythee

My friend (who doesn’t invest in crypto):

Ehhh ra crypto lo kuda tax lu vesthar ata gaaa..


Manam sampadinchakunna parledhu kani pakkanodu mathram sampadinchodhu kadha ra..

Me who got Rs 100 in Bitcoin investment:

After all taxation and app fee, getting only Rs 50 from it.

Govt madam garu:

Crypto lo loss vasthe meeru chuskondi, profit vasthe mathram maaku 30% ivvandi..

Me and my crypto bois:

Meanwhile my friends who invested in crypto and getting losses:

Some govt experts on taxation:

My non crypto friend to me:

Crypto investors:

Crypto transactions ni support chesthunnaru ani happy feel avvala, tax lu vesaru ani bhada padalo ardham kavatle mowa..

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